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Grenadas Citizenship By Investment And Constitutional Corruption

Acquiring Citizenship By Investment In Grenada

Applicants can include dependent family members such as children up to the age of 30, unmarried siblings of the main applicant and parents/grandparents over the age of 55. Applicants must be of good character and have no criminal record and provide a clean police report along with other supporting documents. Golden visa in Grenada, can be defined as, getting residence permit of Grenada through investment in economy of Grenada through various means like, government bonds, business, real estate, etc. Applicants may qualify for citizenship through an investment in a pre-approved real estate project, which may include shares in hotels, villas, and condominium units.

Countries who offer citizenship by investment uphold a high reputation of examining applicant’s risk for criminal activities, money laundering and corruption. This process is done through a rigorous procedure called due diligence and to some it may be known as background checks. We work closely with government units and local agents in various jurisdictions, assuring that we can provide our clients with the best pricing possible while providing a professional and pleasant application experience. Yes, with the EB-5 immigrant investor visa to the United States becoming expensive, more and more Indians are choosing to migrate to the US using their Grenada citizenship.

Investment Program In African Countries

Basically, the Minister publishes in the government gazette the types of projects that are approved. The second route is to make an investment of US$ 350,000 in Grenada real estate. Plus these government fees, you’re looking at a total price of US$ 158,000 for an individual or US$ 216,000 for a couple. Grenada’s passport does very well as a travel document and has excellent credentials Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD on visa-free access, with the EU, Russia and China within easy reach. A simple route to getting citizenship in a European country that as well as the increased flexibility for travel, will also give free healthcare and education. Become a resident of the UK through one of our four programs and gain benefits such as free healthcare, quality education & global mobility.
Grenada citizenship by investment
Range Developments is an investment and hospitality company, operating across the Eastern Caribbean. As a regional leader in CBI development, Range Developments prides itself in delivery of a product to the highest quality and is fully committed to success of its Citizenship by Investment projects. Choosing the law firm istanbul option means that you can provide for all of your family, not having to leave anyone behind. Grenadian second citizenship can be seen as providing equal opportunity in the truest sense. Depending on the country, the investment amount can vary from just over $100,000 (St. Lucia and Dominica) to over $2.5 million , plus applicable processing and due diligence fees.

Grenada Citizenship By Investment Options And Prices

In addition, the owner/investor will be entitled to receive quarterly returns after year 2 of operation and will not be liable for any maintenance, insurance or other related operational costs during the term of the Agreement. The investment in the NTF is a non-refundable contribution of $150,000 for a single applicant, $200,000 for a main applicant with up to 3 dependents, and $25,000 for any additional dependent. The Grenada citizenship programme was put into force after the Grenadian Parliament passed the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act. From its foundation to June 2017, over 1,300 citizenships have been granted through 495 different applications. Obtaining citizenship in Grenada will grant visa free travel to 131 countries which include the European Schengen area for both the applicant and any family members. The two E-2 countries with the cheapest and fastest routes to citizenship are Turkey and Grenada.
Grenada citizenship by investment
A few citizenship by investment countries give you the option to buy government bonds, which locks your investment in an interest-free account for several years. In some countries, you don’t even need to actually spend any time in the country to become eligible to apply for a second passport. But the quality of Caribbean passports – defined as the number of visa-free countries you can visit – isn’t as high as some of those granted by high-end economic citizenship programs in Europe. In addition to quickly gaining a passport for as low as $145,000 the Caribbean countries offer the most affordable citizenship by investment programs. Our Immigration Lawyer in Grenada can guide for work permit application process for Grenada. The official list of real estate developments approved by the government as qualifying investment options.

Investment Outline

A key benefit is that it extends to the primary applicant’s entire family members, meaning they are also eligible for Grenada citizenship. No, there is no need to visit Grenada, hold Grenada residency, hold Grenada permanent residency, or conduct any immigration to Grenada in order to apply for the Grenada CBI. There are other fees associated with the application such as processing fees, application fees, and due diligence fees that depend on the family composition.
Grenada citizenship by investment
The category of ‘qualifying dependant’ has been expanded and now includes the option to “add-on” qualifying dependants in all investment options for the granting of citizenship. Besides your spouse, you can now include children up to the age of 30 as well as parents over 55 if they are fully supported by you. An unmarried sister or brother who is under 18 can also be included in your application. Moreover, the citizens of Grenada are the only ones in the Caribbean allowed to obtain a U.S. Moreover, investors are free from personal, income, and worldwide taxation. Furthermore, applicants do not need to visit or reside in Grenada during or after the passport application process.

Therefore if you become a citizen of these countries you and apply for E-2 visa to US. E-2 visas are cheapest alternative to EB-5 immigrant investor program which requires $900K investment. EB-5 wait times can take years while E-2 visa wait time is only 3 weeks. First you start the process with initial 10% of the total (DD fee + 50% lawyer fee).

This means that each government recognizes the person as a citizen at the same time. The main applicant may include dependents in the application, such as children and parents. First, our lawyers will conduct a due diligence check on you to ensure that you are eligible and meet the criteria to apply for the program, and that your application will be approved. We will send you the application forms and provide assistance to complete the questionnaires, and translate and authenticate documents.

As Your International Partner For Grenada, We Empower You To Achieve Faster

Required from the applicant’s country of citizenship, and any country in which he/she has resided within the past 10 years. Must show name, photo, citizenship/nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, expiry date, issuing country, and signature. Each applicant signs by the X in the middle of page 1 (“Signature of Passport Holder in the middle of the space provided”). All documents must be less than 6 months old unless otherwise stated. This includes translation and notarial stamp dates, dates Government forms are signed, dates on reference letters, etc. The applicant transfers the complete Investment amount and fees to the designated account.
Grenada citizenship by investment
Hannes is a qualified engineer and project manager, and spent almost three years managing Caribbean hospitality construction projects. He lived for the most part of that period on the island of Grenada, where he managed the construction of a large hotel development. He has experienced island living first hand, and has travelled extensively throughout the Lesser Antilles islands during that period. He is well qualified to advise you on real estate development and investment in Grenada. By applying to Grenada’s citizenship by investment program and becoming a having Grenada as a 2nd citizenship you can live work, or retire in Grenada as you wish.

Citizenship By Investmentcountry Information

Grenada is one of the most beautiful and lush islands of the West Indies. This is due to Grenada’s low investment level, powerful passport and USA E-2 treaty. Grenada passport scheme offers two investment options – purchase of real estate on one of the islands and a non-refundable donation to a government fund. Either way, there is no risk for an investor – you will part with your money only after due diligence checks and approval in principle. There are no specific country restrictions with the Grenada programme .
Grenada citizenship by investment

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