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Group Visas, issued to groups of people who have been formed prior to the decision to travel, and who will enter and leave Cyprus as a group. Cyprus said on Monday it would revoke 14 passports issued to Turkish Cypriot officials in the breakaway north of the island over their “hostile” actions. An interim report released in March also pointed to serious shortcomings in how the Interior Ministry processed applications, including the “complete lack” of a database to properly vet applicants. It said the Finance Ministry was also at fault for “green lighting” certain applications that didn’t fulfill all the criteria due to the size of the investment.

If you are also receiving a Consular Report of Birth Abroad , your envelope should be A4 size. Those testing negative are subject to quarantine at a government-designated hotel for 14 days and must staying permit turkey complete a negative PCR test prior to release following Ministry of Health protocol. Self-isolated individuals should only leave their house for emergency after contacting a doctor or dialing 1420.

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But once you are a Maltese citizen, you have unfettered access to all of Europe, and you can choose to live anywhere you like in the EU. Once you’ve met the requirements, you will need to maintain residency in Malta for 12 or 36 months before you can qualify for a passport, depending on your donation amount. Malta will grant foreigners citizenship in less than 15 months in exchange for a combination of donation and investment into the country. Since Spain grants your first residency for 12 months, the government wants to see that you have enough money to sustain yourself in Spain for one full year without working. Our lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic believe this will fulfil the legal requirements of obtaining Spanish residency through citizenship in a former colony. Puerto Rico is a US territory, and it technically doesn’t have its own citizenship.

This visa may be issued for one transit, or exceptionally for several transits. The transit visa is issued provided that the entry of the traveler into the territory of the destination country is guaranteed and that the route taken normally requires transit through Cyprus. The government of Cyprus said on Monday it would revoke the passports from Turkish Cypriot officials in the breakaway state in the northern part of the island. The report also pointed to serious shortcomings in how the Interior Ministry processed applications, including the “complete lack” of a data base to properly vet applicants. It said the Finance Ministry was also at fault for “green lighting” certain applications that didn’t fulfill all the criteria, due to the size of the investment.

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Applicant sponsored by their spouse who acquired Cypriot citizenship in 2016. They are CIO of a Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical investment company. Both the applicant and their company are on the Chinese Supreme Court’s list of “discredited” people or entities, which usually targets people who refuse to repay debt. Lu is a local political representative as deputy to the 17th Chengdu People’s Congress. Cyprus’ new rules banning PEPs from the golden passport scheme were just weeks away from coming into force by the time his passport was approved. He holds the honorific title of “Oknha” given to persons who donate at least $500,000 to public works approved by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party and has earned connections at the highest levels of government.
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An individual can become a Cypriot citizen by investing in the country’s economy. Since March 2014, the council of ministers made the decision to allow non-Cypriots to become citizens of the country by meeting certain conditions. These conditions can either be met by the individual or by a company where such an individual is a shareholder and/or an executive director. As full members of the European Union , citizens of Cyprus are also citizens of the EU.

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Permanent residency is first issued which is then converted to citizenship for investors and their families after 6 months. Spain residency program is known for its flexibility to applicants who wish to maintain their residency permit in Europe without living or visiting the country. Cyprus Migration Policy Category F relates to people that are third-country nationals which will not be working in Cyprus but will remain in Cyprus as permanent residents. They must have at their disposal a secured annual income of at least €10,000 euro and a further €5,000 euro for every dependent person who may, for example, emanate from pensions, shares or even permanent deposits. This income however must not emanate from any employment or self- employment in Cyprus but only from abroad. The immigration control board may demand additional income if they deem necessary.
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Every Cypriot citizen is also a Commonwealth citizen and a citizen of the European Union. The Cypriot passport, along with the Cypriot identity card, allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. As of 10 July 2020, Cypriot citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 174 countries and territories, ranking the Cypriot passport 38th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index. Cypriot citizens can live and work in any country within the EU as a result of the right of free movement and residence granted in Article 21 of the EU Treaty. Our associates are the keystone of our company for proviting the ideal real estate solution for permanent residence permit by buying a property in Cyprus.

Argentina’s passport is also a pretty solid travel document, with visa-free access to more than 150 countries– including all of Europe and Russia, Southeast Asia, South America. The only major drawback is that an Argentinian passport does not give you visa-free access to the US or Canada. And given the low barriers to entry, the lax residency requirements and the shortest timeline to naturalization in the EU, Portugal is by far the easiest way to get EU citizenship . After five years of temporary residency in Portugal, you will be eligible for permanent residency and citizenship (the naturalization period was reduced from six to five years in mid-2018). Unlike with the Portuguese Golden Visa program, there is no minimum required investment in property, and the application and service fees can be up to eight times lower than those associated with a Golden Visa. In case of loss or theft, the holder of the lost passport must report the loss immediately to the nearest police or consular authority .

When you decide on a property for purchase we can arrange for a Power of Attorney to appear on your behalf without the need for you to come again to Cyprus for the signature of any necessary contracts. Cyprus citizens and their companies can offer services within EU member states without obstacles. The island is located in the north eastern Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. The strategic location of the island has played an important role in its development as a financial center.

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The east Mediterranean island awarded citizenship to 6,779 people between 2007 and 2020, the vast majority of them Russians, before the scheme was scrapped. Most were issued by the right-wing administration which assumed power in 2013 and was re-elected in 2018. “While I understand that my passport is part of this audit process, having been granted before 2018, I have no doubt that my application fully complied with the regulatory requirements,” he said. Individuals deprived of passport facilities must be given full and precise reasons for the decision and a right of appeal.

If you apply through a visa application center, you will also have to pay a service fee. All applicants had to go through background checks for criminal activity, source of funds before being issued passport. All other countries do not disclose names to public to protect confidentiality and privacy of passport investors.

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Yes, your Cyprus citizenship can be revoked if you do not fulfill the requirements of the program, such as if you sell your required investments before 5 years, or if you sell your permanent residence in Cyprus. You can also have your Cypriot citizenship revoked if you are revealed to be involved in criminal activity. Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception, the program was first proposed in 2013, and officially implemented in 2016. Since then over 3,000 investors have obtained citizenship in Cyprus. The program has sought to bring large-scale investment to Cyprus and has been incredibly successful in this respect. In recent years, the Cypriot government has developed a more rigorous vetting process, ensuring that only investors of solid moral standing can obtain citizenship through the scheme.

To avoid delaying your entry and that of those in line behind you, please bring only what is required for your interview. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please to request a new appointment date.There may be a significant wait before the next available appointment, so please attempt Turkish resident permit to attend the date already assigned. For some family-based and employment preference visa categories, a visa became available within the month you have been scheduled by NVC. DV applicants should be aware that visas are numerically limited and must be issued by September 30 of the program year.

Officially file your application for citizenship by investment in Cyprus and pay all the correct fees. It is essential to register for Cyprus residency at the beginning of the process, as you must be a resident for at least 6 months in order to obtain Cypriot citizenship. Cyprus citizenship by investment can be obtained in 6-8 months, and is one of the fastest routes to citizenship in Europe. There are no tests or language requirements for Cyprus citizenship by investment.
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At the time, Cyprus continued to defend the program, asserting that on the whole, there were sufficient checks in place to prevent criminals from obtaining “golden” passports. Henley & Partners assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs. Malta’s program offers by far the best passport and access to the EU, but it will cost you at least $975,824. Montenegro launched a brand-new Citizenship By Investment program in November 2019, and the program is still active as of May 2021.

Cyprus does not recognise the self-declared ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ in the north of Cyprus. If you enter Cyprus from the north, you may face a fine, be refused entry, or be deported. You are advised to enter Cyprus through the airports of Larnaca or Paphos, or the seaports of Larnaca, Limassol, Latsi and Paphos.

But although PEPs are now deemed unfit to become citizens, the new law leaves many existing “high-risk” cases untouched. Anyone who has already paid their $2.5m can hang onto their golden passport. “They have access to public resources, they can be sitting on a government contract and be in a position to make decisions, so it presents a high financial risk they are being corrupted or corrupting others,” Brillaud told Al Jazeera. Following that news on Sunday, the Cypriot Ministry of Interior put out a statementsayingit is reviewing the released information, adding that it has already made substantial changes to the investment programme in recent years.
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The above authority carries out an investigation into the circumstances under which the passport was lost or stolen. During the investigation, a new passport is not issued to the applicant unless it is deemed necessary that the applicant travel abroad to receive medical treatment. The expected application lead time is six months, given that all the documents are collected and the application is submitted correctly. The day of the fee payment is considered to be the day of the application submission.
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