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If you would like to learn more about us and our services, we invite you to explore our website further and would value the opportunity to speak with you regarding our capabilities. Moreover, Cyprus enjoys a favourable climate as well as high standard education facilities and an accessible health care system and being ranked as the 5th safest country in the world, thus making it an ideal destination not only for business purposes but also for residency. Larnaca is the upcoming city situated on the south coast of Cyprus, despite being the location with excellent beaches, it is also the only city which has a Port and an Airport.
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Our aim is on keeping legal costs as low as possible while providing you with high quality legal representation. This is accomplished by a precise and clearly defined structure of responsibilities within the Firm leading up to the partners. At the same time the Firm is very careful in choosing its members at every level. Members are also encouraged and Turkish work permit expected to participate in seminars and training sessions in their field both in Cyprus and abroad. Our preeminent goal is not to present you with solutions that will only handle your legal disputes. Our goal is to give you opportunities that will strengthen your operations and help you discover new and more efficient ways to execute your procedures.

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Before joining LLPO, he has practised for 15 years with leading law firms in Cyprus including the legal practice of one of the BIG4. For many years Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC has been consistently recognised by all the leading independent legal research organisations as the clear leader in the legal services market in Cyprus. Both Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 rank our firm in the top tier in every practice area they evaluate, a distinction achieved by only a handful of firms worldwide. Although our Firm is mainly active in Cyprus, it is selected by our principals in cross-border cases, where our experts can act on a consultative, transactional or judicial level, and it advises on foreign law matters with particular emphasis on issues of European, Cypriot and English law.

Having said this, there is no need to obtain a court order for a pledge to be enforceable and thus for the pledgee to take ownership of the pledged shares. The said documents are to be set out as appendices to the share pledge agreement and upon execution of the share pledge agreement by the pledgor and the company, as applicable, be delivered to the pledgee in order for the pledgee to be able to enforce the pledge in the event of default. We strongly believe that hard work, personal attention and immediate response to clients’ needs, backed with focused professionalism and talent, sets us apart to other more traditional firms. Mr. Antis Triantafyllides, the founder of the firm, was the Cyprus member of the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce throughout the greater part of his legal career. Administrative Law deals with public officers, administrative contacts or decisions for administrative agencies such as Internal Revenue services etc.

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

Another useful way your lawyer can assist you is by helping you to draft employment documents. Hiring new talent for your business is essential and you will need someone who can create great offer letters to send out. When it comes time to hire a new employee, it will also be helpful to have your lawyer draft an employee contract that lays out the terms of employment.
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The “Guardian” reported that the law firm that had been founded by the Cypriot president was accused of falsely stating the details of the owner of four offshore companies to protect the identity of the actual owner. Embracing these values our law firm through a series of public speeches and charity events endeavor to spread the word that animals should be respected and protected as humans. Comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the legal and international business industry, having the highest level of reliability and acknowledgement of the businesses activities and market forces. Combine legal experience and international industry knowledge with the highest level of reliability as well as providing excellent cutting edge solution to each project. Our team is composed by experienced, determined, highly educated and knowledgeable individuals, with an unparalleled passion for their profession, who recognize that each case no matter the customer status of value is important and unique.

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Lawyers in Cyprus require continuous training and knowledge of social and technological developments in order to be able to cope with modern and evolving social requirements. The lawyer must always keep in mind that he serves the judiciary and cooperates in this regard. The basis of this professional duty is to defend Turkish staying permit the rights of his client to the extent of his/her ability, without fear and in strict compliance with applicable law. A lawyer must always respect the honor and dignity of the profession, bearing in mind that this profession carries social responsibilities which aim to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.
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Our team is happy to render tailored legal solutions on-demand for those clients who do not require regular legal support or fast-track advice. We provide a broad range of services tailored to the specific needs of both national and international shipping clients. Main objective of our firm is to provide quality services to our clients staying permit turkey and always be available to meet and exceed the needs and demands of the competitive business environment. We have been providing a full range of tax effective structures and comprehensive solution for business assisting clients to minimize their tax liabilities by the proper and effective use of international corporate structures.

As head of the corporate team, he has assisted the most respectable and recognised international companies acting either for the underwriters or the issuers in public offerings and/or private placements and listing of shares on various international exchanges. He advises an array of clients on re-organisations and corporate restructurings, rights issues, mergers and equity raising transactions. Law firm covering property law, family law, criminal law, contract law, immigration law, taxation, human rights and more. Cyprus based law firm offers legal services to expatriates and foreign investors.
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With more than 15 years of experience as a Marketing and Business Development Manager working in different areas/fields, Christos Loizides has a background in Market Research. Also in many cases we don’t ask for any money until we win our case or get our job done. Our International Business Companies and Trusts Department provides specialised and expert advice to corporate and individual trustees in setting up International Trusts in Cyprus. N. Pirilides & Associates LLC’s advisory team is currently one of the service providers that has been reliably successful in obtaining licenses and registering Cyprus Investment Firms.

Limitation Of Advice

The legal profession has always been a popular one with Cypriots and while other traditional choices (the civil service, semi-government organisations and banks) have recently lost most of their sheen, the idea of becoming a lawyer continues to attract ambitious and educated young people. Hopefully, their choice of career is not solely based on Charles Dickens’ famous quotation . There is increasing interest to invest in the energy sector and auxiliary services in Cyprus, presenting new opportunities for growth in the well-established legal, financial services and even construction sectors. The Attorney-General Costas Clerides told GOLD in March the administration of justice is in urgent need of radical reform and modernisation. This will enable Cyprus to improve its status as a more attractive business centre in the Mediterranean. In today’s world, legal complexities and new legislations place a heavy burden upon individuals and companies that seek to thrive.
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S. Dionysiou & Partners LLC , is a fully-fledged Cyprus Law firm, located in the country’s capital city of Nicosia. Our law firm offers unprecedented quality of service excellence, able to provide our clients with comprehensive legal solutions that meet all regulatory and statutory requirements. The firm has an extensive international practice, and has a long history of assisting clients in complex transactions. Pelaghias LLC co-operates with major international law firms in the U.S., Europe and Russia.

Revision Of Important Update In Respect Of The Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus companies represent status and reputation, as they are common European companies. They allow businessman to legitimately conduct business in Cyprus, within Europe and Internationally. If it can be demonstrated that the company has potential value to its shareholders or to third persons, the court will generally exercise its discretion in favour of reinstatement. A Cyprus company which has been struck off the register of companies can be reinstated, depending on the circumstances, either by an application directly to the Registrar of Companies or by an application to the District Court.

Current applicable legislation makes Cyprus one of the best locations to incorporate Holding Companies. Globalization has brought economic challenges to businesses that rely on an open and transparent trading regime. Our Law Firm advises on all aspects of establishing, administrating and developing Cyprus corporate ventures based on specific tax plans. This provides an easy one-stop-shop for corporate counsel and legal procurement departments to gather information on firms they are looking to instruct. The Employment Law in Cyprus applies to every employee who has a contract or employment relationship in the private, public and semi-governmental sector.

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