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I know the process to get a regular residency card renewal is supposed to be around 3 months but took almost a year. This option is the most cost-effective option available, requiring investors to invest an aggregate of €2 million (plus VAT law firm turkey of 0%, 5% or 19%) in residential real estate situated in Cyprus which must be held for a minimum of three years. After three years, the overall investment in real estate can be reduced to a minimum of €500,000 in residential property .

Dual citizenship is recognised and there are no laws in Cyprus prohibiting being a citizen of other jurisdictions. This recognition stems from section 8 of Annex D of the Treaty of establishing the Republic of Cyprus. The application should be submitted in duplicate and one of the two application forms should bear two stamps worth 8.54 euros. Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and water sports. It joined the EU on 1 May 2004 and has both an advanced high income economy as well as a very high human development index rating.

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If we want to retain high net-worth individuals who are incredibly productive, we should offer them competitive tax rates with other places who are willing to do the same. • European citizens can access the established first-class EU health care systems. • European citizens have the right to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any EU country in a third country where your home EU country is not represented by a consulate. • European citizens have the right to attend schools/universities within any EU country for free or with reduced rates as applicable. • Cypriot passport holders can quickly and cost effectively obtain visas for other countries, such as the USA.
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Also, individuals that are born abroad to at least one Cypriot parent can also become citizens of the country. People married to Cyprus citizens can obtain this citizenship after the spouse has stayed together for good seven years. Individuals having the intention of becoming Cyprus citizens through Marriage must have had a legal residency in Cyprus. When a man or woman who is a TRNC citizen marries a foreign person, the foreign person can also have TRNC citizenship if they have lived in the TRNC for a certain period of time.

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Language test is not required in order to get Cyprus citizenship which is another big advantage. You don’t have to go through interviews or medical tests in order to qualify. The investor must retain the investment for 5 years after which he is free to realize it.

While this may be another easy option to obtain citizenship and a passport, it’s important to consider the downsides. The downside is that you’re often investing in an overpriced, government-approved luxurious real estate development or hotel project. This individual could reside in France, incorporate and run a business in low-tax Ireland, and enjoy passport-free travel to 26 countries (Europe’s Schengen Area). Its citizens cannot travel visa-free to the US, China, Japan, Germany, France or the United Kingdom… adding barriers to entering countries with a Gross Domestic Product of $2 trillion or more.

Various Scenarios We Can Assist In Acquiring Your Cypriot Citizenship:

The market leader is Limassol, where in the first half of 2018, 37% of all real estate transactions were registered. It is followed by Paphos (23%), Nicosia (18%), Larnaca (15%), and Famagusta (7%). Children from previous marriages can obtain citizenship, for this purpose the notarized consent of the second parent is required. Turkish work permit We collect and prepare documents for submitting the case to the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Cyprus, we arrange notarization, translation and apostilization of all the necessary documents. Option 1Investment of €2m in the purchasing or constructing of buildings, land development projects or infrastructure.
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Every foreign national who comes to Cyprus to work has to get a residence permit upon arrival. However, the temporary residence permit does now automatically authorize the holder to work. Prior to travelling to Cyprus and obtaining the residence permit, you must also get a Cyprus work permit and work visa.

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In a 2018 report, the anticorruption organization Global Witness found that 100,000 people had made use of such initiatives, known as “golden visas,” to acquire legal residence in European Union countries. A 2019 European Commission report said that even the lighter programs, which offered residence benefits to investors, were a cause for concern and risked being abused. Once ratified by Turkish work permit the Council of Ministers, a citizenship certificate is issued. This Certificate must be signed by the applicant either in front of a Registrar of a Cypriot Court or a Consular at any Cypriot Consulate abroad within 3 months of receiving approval. In Cyprus, the process including a collection of biometric ID cards, takes under 1 day, through an embassy the process takes up to 2 weeks.

Twenty of its 27 members give foreign investors residency rights in exchange for payment, which in some cases put the investors on a path to full citizenship. The Cyprus permanent residency program allows for dependent family members to be included in the application and receive the permit. Details on how adding dependents affects the annual income per applicant are to be communicated by Migrate World. They said that stringent checks were conducted on all citizenship by investment applications, with funds required to undergo money laundering checks by a Cypriot bank. They also observed that Cyprus was not the only EU country to have granted citizenship to high net-wealth Russians. To maintain the citizenship, the investor must always keep a real estate property of minimum value €500,000 which will be declared as the permanent residence.

The applicant’s spouse and all financially dependent children aged up to 28 can apply as well, The applicant and all other adult members of his family must have a clear criminal record, prior to their naturalization Cypriot citizens. Must hold a residence permit on the basis of Regulation 6 of the Aliens and Immigration Law, simultaneously with the application for naturalization. The simplicity of the legal-framework, flexible immigration policies and no residency requirements before and after citizenship approval are few extended benefits of investing in the property market. Since the government has allowed non-EU residents to buy property in ready now and off plan projects; a significant rise has observed in this sector. The applicant, prior to his/her naturalization as a Cypriot citizen must hold a residence permit in Cyprus. If the applicant does not already hold a residence permit, he/she may apply for an immigration permit on the basis of Regulation 6 of the Aliens and Immigration Law, simultaneously with the application for naturalization.

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