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That is why we ensure that our service makes the application process as easy for our clients as possible. A application form, one recent 2-inch, bareheaded law firm and full-faced passport photo, attached to the application form. The original passport or a travel document valid for at least 6 months.

In fact, Bulgaria offers favorable tax rates for both individuals and businesses – a flat 10% corporate tax rate, anyone? If you need a residence or a company in the EU for business purposes, then Bulgaria is ideal. You won’t have to relinquish the citizenship you already hold in order to become staying permit turkey a Bulgarian citizen. Since it’s really a hybrid program, not many people linger in the permanent resident stage. This is a document that will be required to obtain your investor visa. You will be required to make the investment that would qualify you for obtaining Bulgarian residence.

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Bulgaria is a member of European Union and will become a member of Schengen zone in the nearest future. Bulgarian citizenship can give you the right to travel Turkish staying permit around the Europe without a visa. After 2 years of processing time you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident of Bulgaria.
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If sending it by post, they need to make sure they get evidence of delivery . This is to show it was submitted at least 10 days before you’re due to start work. Bulgaria’s authorities are responsible for setting and enforcing entry rules.

Bulgaria Family Reunification Visa Requirements

A few years back, the government put Bulgaria on the map of countries that offer the possibility to buy residency and citizenship here to foreigners. Moving to Bulgaria and buying a golden visa is quite simple and enabled investors interested in this program to access various options in order to qualify. For residence permit, international students are required to pay 250 EUR. Moreover, the application process to Study In Bulgaria fee is 5 EUR and 22.5. Under this ground, the applicant has to incorporate a Bulgarian company (ET, OOD, EOOD etc.) and employ at least 10 local citizens. To apply for a Type D visa and renew the residence permit the foreigners need to keep the employment of the local citizens continuous.

Societal discrimination persists against persons with disabilities. Be wary of people on streets offering to exchange money, they are usually con artists who intend to swindle unsuspecting travelers. The airport has a clearly marked exit within the arrival terminal that leads travelers to metered taxis at a fair rate and a booth to assist with obtaining taxi services. Inquire about the fare before entering a taxi and always account for all luggage, packages, and hand-carried items before paying and releasing a taxi. Police stations should provide translators for anyone who needs to report a crime but will often require the victim to return at a later time or bring his/her own translator. Travelers should be suspicious of“instant friends”and should also ask persons claiming to be government officials to provide identification.

Those who wish to stay longer than 90 days or want to work in Australia need to apply for the relevant visa. In 2008 the Australian eVisitor visa was launched, making it easier for citizens of 27 European Union member states plus 7 other Schengen Area countries to gain access to Australia. You should always check foreign travel advice for Bulgaria, for updates on issues such as safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings before travelling, or planning to travel. If you have a family they won’t be able to apply for dependant permits for short trips. They may be able to join you for up to 90 days under the visa waiver rules.

You can choose to make payment by different online services from our trusted partners. Your passport must not expiring within the next 6 months from the date you arrive Vietnam. Demonstrators are demanding prime minister Boyko Borissov and chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev resign, following a raid on the president’s office. President Rumen Radev has been a vocal critic of the government and its record on graft.

The citizens of Bulgaria can visit 130 countries without a visa ✅. Bulgarian passport holders also have access to get 36 e-visas or 18 visas on arrival. Bulgaria has a population of 7.2M people and the capital is Sofia ??. This program offers Bulgarian citizenship, the European passport, and all benefits of full EU citizenship. As a EU citizen you are allowed to live, work, study in any of the 26 European Union countries.
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But expatriates living in UAE whose passport is not listed under the countries eligible for an on-arrival visa need to take a Bulgaria Visa from Dubai to visit the country. Get in touch with our visa consultants for our assistance throughout the visa process. The nationals of the Republic of India can enter, transit through and stay in the territory of the Republic of Serbia without a visa, during a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of entry, within a period of one year. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are accepted by some CBI agents and real estate developers for gold passports acquired under citizenship by investment.

If we have a problem with the photo you supplied us we will contact you via email and ask for a new photo, so you have nothing to lose. Find below a full list of the visa on arrival countries for Bulgarians. Bulgarian travelers are advised to use the expedited eVisa application protocol for these countries if one is available. An approved eVisa greatly facilities entry on arrival as it removes the need to wait in long border queues. Foreigners who obtain Bulgarian nationality seldom settle in the country. Instead, the vast majority use the Bulgarian passport to be able to live and work in richer EU countries.
bulgaria passport
Here, things are very simple and in my opinion, there are few countries that would deliver a different result. You have to get an eVisa online, before you travel to your destination. Government Turkish work permit pages usually have their own servers for processing eVisa applications. Naturally, you have to learn what documents you will need to present to the Immigration officers before you travel.

Benefits Of Bulgarian Citizenship Acquisition

After you get a Bulgarian residency your spouse and children can also get Bulgarian residency based on the family reunification. Whether you are a startup or a big corporation, we provide you the best bank account opening services and support. Whether you are a startup or a big corporation, we provide you the best company formation services and support. Special support for Employers looking for Candidates from foreign countries or for transfer of their own talent pool to their own country or for their business expansion to a new country.

Luckily, the US is the rare exception – in most other countries, citizenship comes with no additional tax obligations if you don’t live there. A German businessman or woman can travel freely to 162 nations. They can structure a manufacturing business in southeast Asia and visit as often as they’d like. This individual could reside in France, incorporate and run a business in low-tax Ireland, and enjoy passport-free travel to 26 countries (Europe’s Schengen Area). Its citizens cannot travel visa-free to the US, China, Japan, Germany, France or the United Kingdom… adding barriers to entering countries with a Gross Domestic Product of $2 trillion or more. If your passport doesn’t allow visa-free travel to North America or Europe, you’re severely limited in your ability to conduct business in many of the world’s largest economies.
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There is no reason in saying that Macedonians consider Bulgarian passports as entries to the European Union,” says Mr Vodasov. Fees are as low as 300 leva, around 150 euros, and the applicant does not have to be in Bulgaria but can go to a Bulgarian embassy,” Mandzhukova says. Bulgaria grants citizenship to Macedonians who prove Bulgarian ethnicity. The procedure requires providing their family name and birth certificate and filling in complex paperwork. Under Bulgaria’s rules, perhaps two-thirds of of Macedonia’s population of two million could be eligible for citizenship.
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Obtaining a work permit, opening a bank account and 1 year long stay extension in Thailand is possible. As a Bulgarian citizenship holder, you need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose. Your Bulgarian passport must be valid for at least six months from the expected date of arrival in Vietnam and have at least 02 blank pages. We provide quick, legal, second passport and citizenship by investment programs with little or no residency requirements. Our Global Programs combine the benefits of Safe Haven, Freedom of Movement and Profitable Investment all in one. Yes, nationals of Bulgaria are required to obtain a visa to enter Kuwait.
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For further visa consultation, you can contact BTW Visa Executives. As of 29 January 2021, all people who are authorized to enter the country are required to show the negative result of a Covid-19 carried out up to 72 hours before departure. Bulgarian citizens, as well as long-term and permanent residents in Bulgaria and their family members who do not present the negative result of a Covid-19 test, are subject to a 10-day quarantine. As of 29 January 2021, all people who are authorized to enter the country are required to show the negative result of a Covid-19 test carried out up to 72 hours before departure.

The applicant has to understand that there should be no dubious shortcuts – EU laws are quite clear on the matter and legal compliance is our company’s paramount. We firmly believe that the applicant should work closely with our advisers. They should decide on the most appropriate legal strategy first. The candidate should make the decision how to proceed further, only after he has been informed about all possible legal options.
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Ethnic Bulgarians living in the territories of Northern Macedonia, Moldova and Ukraine are those who are using this option predominantly. 98 foreigners from countries outside the EU have bought Bulgarian passports. The data were provided to EURACTIV by the Presidency of Bulgaria through the Access to Public Information Act.
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