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Vanuatu is a major financial center in the south pacific in the backyard of Australia and New Zealand. Vanuatu is also a popular tropical holiday destination for travelers . The beautiful archipelago’s coral reeds are one of the premier vacation and scuba diving sites of the South Pacific region.
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We process all the visa applications within just working hours and hence providing a speedy visa service. Applicants must supply a clean police clearance certificate from their country of origin, or from the jurisdiction in which they’ve resided for the past 12 months . No other passport in the world would offer the visa-free access points that Vanuatu will if these negotiations come to a positive conclusion. Every major economic nation would then have become visa-free to every Vanuatu 2nd Passport holder.

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The Second Citizenship Survey 2017 from CS Global Partners found that 89% of people would like to own a second passport, and over 34% said they had looked into investing in a second citizenship. If you plan to start company registration for Vanuatu remotely, your power of attorney should be properly legalized to be used on the territory of Vanuatu. Depending on the country of your residence, it should be either apostilled or legalized by the consulate of Vanuatu. Power of attorney for Vanuatu is required for all legal actions on your behalf by Citizenship by investment solicitors in Vanuatu. If you are in Vanuatu or plan to visit Vanuatu, we can obtain your power of attorney here.
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Vanuatu’s Citizenship can be acquired through a contribution to the government of $130,000 for a single applicant and $180,000 for a family of four. Over the past number of years, the Vanuatuan government has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries. Once pre-approval is granted, our Guide consultants will start your citizenship application and remind you to pay all remaining fees. The Financial Intelligence Unit later said none of the deported Chinese nationals had a criminal record and Chinese officials informed local authorities of their investigation after they had been granted citizenship.

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It’s required to visit Vanuatu in order to open an account and obtain a driver’s license. The Citizenship by Investment Unit carries out the processing of the case during the period from 1.5 months. The application process does not necessitate that you be personally present.

This means people who submit new passport applications right now will not get their new passport until well into the fall. U.S. citizens who wish to travel overseas this summer and do not currently have a passport may need to make alternate travel plans. Real Estate Investment through one of the Government approved real estate projects which could be a freehold property with title deed; hotel shares; fractional ownership or land. The investment and the Government fees are payable once the citizenship is approved. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are accepted by some CBI agents and real estate developers for gold passports acquired under citizenship by investment. Only real estate from approved developers will qualify for citizenship + passport.

Nevis and St Kitts have an economic citizenship program that is the longest standing program of its kind. Started back in 1984 it was the first country in the world that started to offer citizenship to people around the world in an effort to encourage migration in a country that was seeing an increase in people leaving the country. The benefit of these options is that they are extremely fast , with expedited possibilities in 2-3 months, no residency requirements, the passports can mostly be done online, and you do not need to visit the country beforehand. Panama is considered by many to be the easiest place in the world to obtain residency through their Friendly Nations Visa program. You just need to come from one of the 50 eligible countries and demonstrate economic ties with the country to apply. Having dual citizenship opens a new array of business and investment opportunities in your new country of citizenship, as well as to other places in the world where there are strong economic and political ties.
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Vanuatu does have roaming agreements with some international mobile phone companies, so check with your mobile provider to see if this is a possibility for you. Mobile coverage extends throughout most of the country, but in remote areas reception can be patchy and frequently drops in and out. Some carriers have better coverage in different areas, so it can depend on who your provider is. Plugs in Vanuatu are fairly straightforward for Aussie travellers.

As with many other countries, residency by investment requirements have become more stringent in Vanuatu. Formerly, you could invest as little as 5 million vatu — less than $50,000 — and become a resident for one year, with the ability to renew that residency every year thereafter so long as the investment or land ownership continued. There is an increasing amount of second residency and second citizenship programs on the market, and as I often say, the most heavily promoted options are often not the best. While Panama and Paraguay claim to offer turnkey solutions for westerners seeking a second passport, they are not the best solution for everyone. On paper, Vanuatu prevents citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and North Korea from obtaining citizenship unless they can prove they have been a resident outside these countries for more than five years. However, the Guardian was able to identify a number of applicants from those countries who were resident within the black-listed countries at the time of applying.
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Citizenship by Investment is a trend that is catching momentum as more and more people seek second passports to enhance everyday FREEDOMS. Currently many consultant agencies provide Vanuatu Citizenship by Vanuatu Government, from those one is the Official Designated Agent Of the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, who offers Vanuatu Citizenship. With the new biometric passports being available, Henri Tamashiro of the passports office stated in late September 2010 that his office planned to cancel all old diplomatic passports within a month.

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An independent country since 1980, Vanuatu has since become a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, and the Pacific Islands Forum. Our associates are ready to assist you with attaining your investment objectives and answer any questions you might have about the Vanuatu Passport / Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program. Before European colonization in the 18th century, the New Hebrides welcomed multiple waves of new inhabitants, each bringing a new language and culture. Today, Vanuatu is home to just over 307,000 people with most of them speaking the official language Bislama and some of the population speaking either English or French. Vanuatu is located 500 miles (ca. 805 km) west of Fiji Island and combines 83 tropical islands just 1100 miles (ca. 1,770 km) east of Australia.
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Perhaps to explore its natural beauty, for investment or business functions or to reside there, you need to apply for their second citizenship or residency programs. Although tourism has picked up in recent years and its agriculture is doing well, the government attracts most people and capital by running its citizenship by investment program. As of 2018, Vanuatu passport had visa free travel to 128 countries with visa free access to United Kingdom, EU schengen states, Russia etc. First of all, the passport of Vanuatu guarantees freedom of travel. Another crucial issue that the pricing of the process is one of the most affordable among all other investors’ immigration schemes.

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Citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu and is hereditary. It gives full rights to reside in Vanuatu at all times with no restrictions on dual citizenship and no residency requirements Turkish staying permit to retain the passport. First, reach out to VRP-MENA, agent specializing in Vanuatu citizenship and formally apply by submitting a stack of required forms, including a copy of your current passport and a police certificate.

The documents are sent to the program’s agent in Vanuatu, who submits them for consideration to the FIU, the Selection Committee and the Citizenship Commission. The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is the fastest in the world. It takes a minimum of 1 month to Turkish resident permit get a passport, and the entire procedure takes place remotely. The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program was launched in 2017. The terms for participation in the program are regulated by Chapter 112 of the Citizenship Law and Vanuatu government order no. 215.

According to February 2019 news reports, the Vanuatuan government is also negotiating a visa waiver agreement with China with both governments hoping to grant mutual Visa-free access. Over the past number of years, the Vanuatu government has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries. It is known not only for its great location and climate, but also as a great place owning and operating a business. As anyone who has visited the islands before – in the South Pacific or elsewhere – hectic is one of the last words you would use to describe island life. People in the islands, with Vanuatu being no exception, often prefer to relax and take life as it comes. Therefore, any interested clients who wish to obtain a Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship are requested to contact us for reliable assistance on the citizenship process.

Stage 3- After submission of all the documents to the Vanuatu Committee the commission issues a ”Citizenship Certificate” and within seven working days the passport is printed and ready to be collected in Vanuatu. The applicant needs to pay the remaining 75% of the application fee + Certificate Fee + Passport Printing Fee within 14 working days after the FIU clearance. Vanuatu offers theircitizenship by investmentopportunity under a specialDevelopment Support Program giving individuals and their families full Vanuatu citizenship in exchange for a donation of USD 130,000 for a single applicant .

While he said a new category of passport was being created, a company had reportedly been engaged by the government to sell Vanuatu citizenship to 300 stateless or nomadic people. It’s described as a way to help people who have been displaced from their homeland due to discrimination or other factors. Israel offers one of the fastest and easiest paths to obtaining dual citizenship under their “Law of Return”. This option is available for all Jewish individuals or those with Jewish ancestry.
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Vanuatu allows the investor to apply for a spouse, children, and parents if they are dependent on the principal applicant. If you do not have the qualifications to obtain a Vanuatu passport, do not apply. Options such as the Dominica Citizenship, Turkey, Cyprus passports and Portugal are better alternatives for you.
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