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Montenegro launched a brand-new Citizenship By Investment program in November 2019, and the program is still active as of May 2021. However, the local government has announced that the program will end in December of 2021, so if you are interested in applying, there is no time to procrastinate. Furthermore, in October 2017, Vanuatu made headlines when they were the first citizenship by investment country to accept payment in cryptocurrency. In return, applicants receive a passport good for visa-free travel to 116 countries, including the UK, all of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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Or you can qualify for economic citizenship by making a $200,000 donation to the National Transformation Fund . The real estate investment covers an entire family no matter the size. Initially, In 1990, Vanuatu took some measures to sell citizenship but later they did feel is not an appropriate way and made some major changes to revive the new citizenship scenarios. Therefore, Vanuatu has introduced its Capital Investment Immigration Plan in 2014 which was later replaced by the Vanuatu Real Estate Investment option program later in 2016.

Get Your Vanuatu Passport In 2 Months

Vanuatu is rich in tourism resources, with beautiful beaches and dive meccas loved by divers around the world, and has been featured in many popular TV shows. During the global epidemic, Vanuatu has stood out as one of the few countries with zero infections. In recent years, Vanuatu has attracted an increasing number of high net worth individuals to the country, with visitor and immigration rates increasing turkish citizenship year on year. I have applied to the Portugal program through Huriya, and received my Residence card after only 4 months. You must have a valid visa or relevant travel document for re-entry to the country from where you commenced your travel based on your passport origin. Currently, all people entering Vanuatu are required to complete 14 full days of quarantine in a government-designated facility.
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However, before you renounce your US citizenship, always consider the travel inconveniences of a passport that’s not as high-quality as the American one. You may need to apply for a visa to be able to visit the US or Canada, for example. But if none of turkish citizenship by investment these options are suitable for you, then maybe a second citizenship by investment is the best way for you to renounce your US citizenship and enjoy enormous tax savings. It is a residency which can eventually lead to citizenship through naturalization.

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You will need to invest between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 in various local enterprises, securities or bonds in the country – or deposit $1,500,000 with the central bank for five years without any interest. However, the passport is subpar, and although it gives you access to 112 countries visa-free, these exclude the Schengen area, the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and China. In that case, you’ll pay roughly $330,000 to receive $1.1M staying permit turkey from the bank – in which case your investment will turn into a one-time $330,000 donation. Interestingly, Bulgaria allows applicants to finance their investment amount through a loan from a European bank. You’ll then need to invest an additional 1,000,000 Bulgarian lev into government bonds or into a Bulgarian company that’s carrying out a priority investment project, as defined in Bulgaria’s Investment Promotion Act.

Please note the tool will give you a good picture of prices involved in citizenship by investment programs. You can calculate donation, real estate, application fee, due diligence costs etc. The citizenship by investment programs offer a second passport, as a great advantage. This nation also offers one of the quickest economic citizenship programs in the world, allowing you to obtain your passport quickly and without much hassle.

The Government of Vanuatu does not require you to pass any interviews, language tests or have previous work experience to be able to apply for this program. Designed to be a smooth and straightforward process with a timeframe of 6 months to your new citizenship. Visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 125 countries and territories including Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Schengen Area and the United Kingdom. To be able to apply for this program, you should be at least 18 years of age, in good health, and without a criminal record. Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of roughly 80 islands stretched across an area of 1,300 kilometers. It is synonym of adventure, deserted beaches, exotic islands and coral reliefs.

All of the documents must be in English, or be officially translated and certified copies. It’s CBI past is long and complex and there were and still are multiple CBI programs running concurrently. However, all that you – an investor seeking a second passport – need to know is that the minimum investment is $130,000 plus fees and you can become an owner of a Vanuatu passport. Yes, Vanuatu recognizes dual citizenship and you will be able to have two, three, or more passports.

Why Vanuatu Passport? Vanuatu Citizenship Benefits

In 1994, two Australian real estate developers presented schemes to the Vanuatu government involving the sale of Vanuatu passports to investors. However, the promoters were charged with fraud the following year, and the scheme failed. If your country does not allow dual citizenship or you are not interested in citizenship or passport, you are better off applying for Golden visa residence by investment schemes buying a real estate, bank deposit or bonds. Golden visas and CBI schemes are quite distinct and each has its own perks. We always tell clients to consult a lawyer in your country to seek a legal opinion before acquiring a foreign citizenship. With no physical residency required, the Vanuatu citizenship program is an attractive offering for investors seeking visa-free travel to the European Union, United Kingdom, and many other popular destinations.

Passengers from Vanuatu with an approved ETIAS that comply with all the European entry requirements will be allowed to cross the border. The ETIAS for Ni-Vanuatu citizens will grant holders permission to enter the Schengen Area and circulate freely amongst all its member nations for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. The Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment application process is both simple and affordable. Investors are required to make a USD150,000 donation into the Development Support Program for a single applicant. If staying for a shorter period of time , third-country nationals need to apply for a visa. The Netherlands is a founding member of the Eurozone, EU, G10, OECD, NATO and WTO, as well as a part of the trilateral Benelux Union and Schengen Area.

Tax Benefits

We offer the best and cheapest offshore company registration cost and pricing, plus other corporate services which help our clients to establish their business faster. Special support for Employers looking for Candidates from foreign countries or for transfer of their own talent pool to their own country or for their business expansion to a new country. Special support for Employers looking for Candidates from foreign countries or for transfer of their own talent pool to their own country or for their business expansion in a new country. The government of Australia has announced that entry to the country will only be permitted to Australian citizens or permanent residents unless an exemption is granted. This follows a similar announcement by New Zealand from 19 March. If you’re resident in Vanuatu, you should be aware of the potential impact of the border closures and flight restrictions on future travel plans.

• Medical Certificate including original results of an HIV test . To be eligible for the citizenship of St Kitts & Nevis under its Citizenship by Investment Program, there are two options to choose from. The Port Vila Lagoon is located about a one-hour drive from Port Vila town center on the south-east end of the island. That is pretty much the opposite end of the island, so allow a half day to visit this one.

Fast Process: Passports Issued In As Little As 60 Days

Further, Vanuatu offers its citizens numerous tax advantages due to the country imposing no income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no wealth tax, no gift tax, and no corporate tax. The benefits of dual citizenship by becoming a Vanuatu citizen are immense. One of these benefits is to be able to travel visa free to 129 countries around the world, including the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific that offers a streamlined route to citizenship by investment. Those applying for and receiving Vanuatu Citizenship under the Development Support Program have the full right to reside in Vanuatu at all times, and the passport is renewable upon expiry. The Development Support Program was enacted by the Vanuatu Government under the Honorary Citizenship Regulations of the Citizenship Act . The citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a democratic republic of only 230,000 inhabitants, a prior French-English protectorate which gained independence only 37 years ago.

These are some of the selling points of Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment scheme, or cash-for-passports as it’s also known locally. After your application has been approved and you get the passport, you and your dependents will be granted lifetime citizenship in Vanuatu. The passport will, however, be valid for five years, after which you might apply for another five-year extension. There are many countries that are ideal for acquiring a second passport. Other options include Panama’s Residency Citizenship program and the Caribbean’s Citizenship By Investment programs. This way, you will obtain the benefits of having dual citizenship, which gives you more freedom to travel and seamlessly grow your business or career.
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Foreign investors can receive their Vanuatu passports in 2 to 3 months. However, nowadays you will be required to invest at least $130,000 in obtaining residency and citizenship. As an investor, you are also allowed to list dependents such as your wife and children when applying. One enviable thing about this program is the fast response you get. Typically, you will receive a response to your application within a month.

Another twin-island nation, Antigua and Barbuda welcomes foreigners who want to live the Caribbean dream and is making it less expensive to get a passport here. A $100,000 donation to the country’s development fund, plus a real estate investment, will secure passports for a family of four, and the government recently made it cheaper to add more children. A passport here will get you visa-free access to 151 destinations.
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The ETIAS from Vanuatu manual processing will be done by designated Frontex or national EU agents and could extend turnaround time to 2-3 business days. Currently, the Netherlands offer a Golden Investor Visa investment program, allowing to apply for a residence permit, by investing €1.25 million which must be invested in a Dutch company. In order to stay in the Netherlands in excess of 90 days, you need to obtain a residence permit.

There are however no laws penalising people who obtain citizenship outside of China. It becomes easier to travel, experience other cultures and can often provide easy access to a haven just in case things in the primary county of citizenship go south quick. Nicky Li, senior immgration consultant, 9 years experience, seriously responsible for all clients, providing professional & efficient services, focus on investment, overseas education, strong secrecy passport application. Kayla Guo, senior immigration consultant, having a dual master’s degree in the UK. I focus on investment, strong secrecy passport application, overseas education, I sincerely take care of your need, serve you wholeheartedly.
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This is the perfect alternative for people looking for a post-retirement destination to enjoy their pension or business people who prefer not to enroll in the citizenship by investment program. The first citizenship by investment program dubbed the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation program has since been replaced by a more lenient one called the Development Support Program. When you become a citizen by investment, you will still enjoy all the benefits regular citizens enjoy. The process of acquiring a Vanuatu second passport is quite painless and transparent.
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