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MCCOYS believes in being the best at what we do – and what we do is Citizenship, Intellectual Property and Secretarial Services. We concentrate on specializing in these areas so that we can offer the most focused and professional expertise in Vanuatu. Only travellers already vaccinated and those registered to receive COVID-19 shots in Palau will be allowed to take part in the travel bubble with Taiwan, the Pacific island nation announced Tuesday (Aug. 17). The United States Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to greatly increase the biometric data it collects at US borders.
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The citizenship acquired under the Development Support Program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu and the nationality regarded as ni-Vanuatu. Although the frequent changes of government in the late 20th and early 21st centuries indicated a sometimes fragile stability, overall Vanuatu was considered one of the more peaceful and successful countries of the region. The indigenous population, called ni-Vanuatu, is overwhelmingly Melanesian, though some of the outlying islands have Polynesian populations. There are also small minorities of Europeans, Micronesians, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Roughly three-fourths of the population lives in rural areas, but since independence the urban centres of Luganville and Port-Vila have drawn a significant number of people attracted by better opportunities. We receive Police Certificates, fill out government forms, arrange notarization, translation, and apostilization of all the necessary documents, sending the package to the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Vanuatu.

No Residence Requirements For Citizenship

You have to visit the country to receive citizenship and there is a new 6 month residency requirement before applying for Cypriot passport. Whether you choose any business investment, real estate purchase, purchase of government bonds, or donations to government funds, our resident permit turkey expert advisors will give you many options based on your selection of the country and budget. There are attractive investment options floated by the countries and you must adhere to all the laws before finalizing your decision for the investment through citizenship.

At $1,979 per visa-free country, Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is the best value real estate option out there today. Second citizenship means becoming a national of another country in addition to your home nation. In addition to visa checks, citizens are required to undergo 14 day quarantine and two covid negative tests. To revive economy, many caribbean countries slashed prices for families applying for CBI. All Applications can now be filed online cutting processing times. Portugal is very popular with nationals from US, UK, Canada and Latin America due to its geographic proximity to these countries and possibility to receive EU citizenship after 5 years without compulsory living requirements.

Benefits : Vanuatu

“Honorary Citizenship” terminology is canceled and removed from citizenship certificates. This was replaced by new regulations allowing either the Chairman of the Commission or the Prime Minister himself to sign the required documents cancelling out the “honorary” terminology as both passport schemes Turkish staying permit are the same. The Vanuatu Government made important changes to the Citizenship by investment in 2018 to keep up with the competition with Caribbean programs. The Caribbean countries engaged a race to the bottom cutting prices by 50% to just $100,000 after Hurricane Maria devastated the islands.

Making sure to obtain a second passport is increasingly important for one’s political, economic, and travel freedoms. In another article I discuss all the Caribbean options, but here we shall discuss the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment programme, which can be paid in multiple currencies including Bitcoin and various cryptos. Grenada citizenship is popular among investors due to the visa free access to China and their E-2 investor visa treaty with the USA. Yes, Vanuatu does allow dual citizenship and will never ask investors to give up their existing citizenship. Once pre-approval is granted, our Guide consultants will start your citizenship application and remind you to pay all remaining fees.

This investment option is usually much more expensive than investing in real estate. But because you’re buying a real asset, you might be able to recoup at least some of the money if you decide to sell. And if the local real estate market booms, you can do even better. After a certain period , countries usually allow investors to sell the property. But compared to other options, a donation to a government fund is often the best and the simplest way to obtain a cheaper passport. In some countries, all male citizens of a certain age are required to fulfill military service.

This Vanuatu immigration program offers the fastest legitimate access to Vanuatu citizenship with an average processing time of 45 days. Successful applicants will be granted the Vanuatu passport – a Commonwealth passport. Ranking 31st in the world, the passport enables its holders to enjoy visa-free entry to 141 countries and regions, including Hong Kong , Singapore , and the U.K. Obtaining a Vanuatu passport thus facilitates immigration planning, overseas assets management and global travelling. A Vanuatu citizenship comes with a whole range of attractive benefits – for as low as $130,000, you can enjoy a tax-free life and enjoy visa free travel to over 129 countries including EU and UK in as little as 1 month! And, all this is possible without even having to be physically present in the country.

These restrictions vary depending on where you live and also which program and country they apply. Most of the programs will only require you to 10% initial fee to start the application filing by lawyers. The rest 90% you pay only AFTER your application is approved by Citizenship Investment Unit of the Government. Do not pay the full investment before your application is approved. Vanuatu is the fastest program for its speed and simple application process. You can start the process through a lawyer and then apply for a visa at the nearest consulate in your country.
vanuatu  citizenship
Most foreign recipients of Vanuatu passports never even step foot in the country. Instead they apply for their citizenship in offices overseas, like the licensed Vanuatu citizenship broker PRG Consulting, based in Hong Kong. Mr Kalin, who has been dubbed “Mr Passport”, is the chairman of Henley & Partners, one of the world’s biggest players in this rapidly growing market.

Digital currency transactions involve a fully traceable and encrypted ledger, which advocates say increases transparency and security. In this case, payment will be taken through a nominated bitcoin exchange. “We are ready to immediately commence the processing of applicants and fully expect that within days to receive the first application under this new payment system,” Harris wrote.
vanuatu  citizenship
Additionally, they will also prepare the quote if you wish to include additional applicants in the application. The preliminary stages is the due diligence checks on the eligibility of the main applicant for the program and will be conducted by the Vanuatu Government. Vanuatu passport offers Visa-free/visa online/Visa on arrival travel to over 125 countries including UK, Russia and Schengen Area. If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Vanuatu, you are probably eligible for residency. If your spouse is a citizen,you can apply for citizenship after living together in Vanuatu for a period of 2 years.

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If he’s not researching the latest visa, immigration, and residency opportunities he’s either hiking or scuba diving. Both these EU countries offer accelerated and streamlined pathways to nationality. Proof of a monthly income from reliable sources of US$750 for you and US$150 for each family member is sufficient to qualify.

Gain second citizenship AND passports for a family of 4 in 60 days or less. The OISC only regulates immigration advice and services provided in relation to all application for UK Visas and Immigration only. As we are a global immigration and emigration lawfirm it is vital for all our clients to understand that the OISC does not regulate any immigration advice given for any Visa which is not for the UK to clients present inside UK.

The law includes areas that used to be part of Hungary but are now parts of neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Romania. We’ve written a detailed guide to Italian citizenship and passport with everything you need in one place. So, no ancestor has revoked their Italian nationality or become a citizen of another country before their next in line was born. To claim this, all you need is to be born in a country that uses this rule. It doesn’t matter why your parents were there or what their immigration status was. Children of diplomats or occupying forces are the only people not eligible.

Authorization of the Reserve Bank for holdings of more than 25% of its capital in non-financial companies; amounts exceeding that limit are deducted from the capital of a bank. The establishment of a subsidiary requires the authorization of the Reserve Bank, either in Vanuatu or abroad. A minimum capital of USD 500,000 for offshore entities and VUV 200m (≈USD 1.8m) for local entities.

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