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Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment In 2021

Acquisition Process

ConsWhile the quick processing time of the citizenship by investment programme is a pro for applicants, it could also be that due diligence is not being undertaken properly. Also, Vanuatu’s CBI programme has no real estate option, a downside for those who want to invest in real estate. Upon application, applicants must commit 25% of the law firm payment prior to the application being considered, which is quite hefty. Vanuatu is considered the world’s most at-risk country for natural hazards , including cyclones and earthquakes and suffered earlier this year, in April, from a cyclone. EconomyVanuatu is a country with economic growth prospects and investment opportunities.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
There is a shortage of healthcare professionals on the island, so health services are supported by visiting doctors. Vanuatu offers children 13 years of education, but only the first six years are compulsory and this has led to an adult literacy rate of just 64%. However, Vanuatu is extending free education from year 10 to year 13. At Stanford Knight & Partners, we believe its important you know exactly who you are dealing with. We are experts at conducting business in the region, with specialist areas including digital currency, financial markets, administration, government policy advisory, tourism, property and investment industries. Finally, the citizenship application is approved, the applicant takes the Vanuatu Citizenship Oath and receives a Vanuatu passport.

Advantages Of Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

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A South Pacific Ocean nation made up of roughly 80 islands, Vanuatu is a small place sitting north of the halfway point between Australia and New Zealand. The government agency reviews the application and carries out the necessary checks for 3 to 8 months. There may be a delay in reviewing up to 12 months and a request for additional documents.

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Opportunities

The country is located in the South Pacific and comprises of over 80 islands spread over 1,300 kilometers. Vanuatu’s natural beauty, abundance of fresh water, fish, tropical forests and breathtaking scenery as well as its airports, marinas, yacht clubs and hotels all combine to make it an outstanding and growing tourist destination. There’s much more to this island nation than white sand, blue skies and clear seas. Vanuatu passport has visa free travel to United Kingdom, 26 schengen countries, Russia, Singapore and 127 countries in the world. Passport Legacy is a boutique firm with over 12 years of combined experience in the citizenship-by-investment industry.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
But some authorized agents do accept Bitcoin for Vanuatu citizenship. Lawyer, broker and agent fee already included in the contribution. Visa free travel to 125 countries including Russia, United Kingdom and EU Schengen states.

Formerly, you could invest as little as 5 million vatu — less than $50,000 — and become a resident for one year, with the ability to renew that residency every year thereafter so long as the investment or land ownership continued. If you are married or living with a “life partner”, you must double that amount. Not exactly peanuts compared to some Central American options, but most people with an active business or investment portfolio can qualify, and there is no need to subject the income to tax. With Vanuatu’s passport now packing more punch as a travel document, obtaining residency in the country with the goal of becoming a naturalized citizen in the future seems more appealing. There is an increasing amount of second residency and second citizenship programs on the market, and as I often say, the most heavily promoted options are often not the best.

You can stay up to 90 days within any 180 periods in a Schengen country and 6 months in a year in the United Kingdom. Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the fastest citizenship programs that grant a second passport in just 1 month. Vanuatu passport grants visa-free access to over 129 countries worldwide. To acquire Vanuatu Citizenship a non-refundable investment of $130,000 must be made to a local development fund. The process is straightforward and can be completed in under two months as it takes a week for the Government KYC process and 40 days to get FIU clearance. In comparison to other popular economic citizenship programs, such as St. Kitts and Nevis, the Vanuatu program is upwards of 50,00 USD cheaper and takes only 60 days in comparison with 180 days.

In 2018, The Government reduced the prices by 50% to $150,000 and $200,000 for families. Further in april 2018, the government reduced to $130,000 requiring all agents not sell under this minimum investment. With streamlined government regulations, conducting a business in Vanuatu is fast and seamless with affordable turkish citizenship by investment real estate properties. “Other countries sell passports to make their living, we don’t have a lot of natural resources. It’s bringing in a lot of money to Vanuatu.” The country’s people – known as Ni Vanuatu – were only officially recognised as citizens themselves in 1980, when the country achieved independence.

Parts of planned investments will be rechanneled for reconstruction of the affected areas. Belgium’s Recovery and Resilience Plan (’RRP’) worth €5.9 bn (1.3% of 2020 GDP) was one of the first European RRPs to be approved by the Council of the EU on July 13, 2021. The plan was drafted European country-specific recommendations for Belgium. 50% of the plan’s funds are allocated to the green economy and 27% is set aside for digitalization, far exceeding the European minimum requirements. More broadly, the Federal and regional governments are committed to boosting public investment to 3.5% of GDP by 2025 and to 4% of GDP by 2030, after decades of under-investment.

No Requirement To Visit Or Reside In Vanuatu In Order To Obtain Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu is the first country making it possible to make a payment with bitcoin for the citizenship by investment program. Rather, the way Vanuatu bitcoin for citizenship works is, you can process your payment in bitcoin via an authorized agent. Afterward, the respective funds are remitted to the Vanuatu government in USD. The minimum investment requirement for one person is $130,000 or $180,000 for a family of four.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
The citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu. Immigrant Invest conducts a preliminary Due Diligence check on the applicant. It takes one day and reduces the risk of their citizenship application being rejected to 1%. It also helps us create a complete list of the required documents to minimize the number of additional requests for documents that the citizenship department may make. Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr’s Global Immigration and Foreign Investment Practice provides comprehensive services to help businesses and individuals achieve these goals.

Starting from January 2017, the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu has launched the Development Support Program for the purpose of raising funds to support infrastructure and promoting economic development of the country. The citizenship by investment is a new provision enacted under the Citizenship Act with the powers conferred on the Prime Minister. Candidates may apply for Vanuatu citizenship by contributions to the Government. The citizenship by investment acquired under the program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu and the nationality is regarded as Ni-Vanuatu . Those applying for and receiving citizenship by investment have the full right to reside in Vanuatu at all times and the passport is renewable upon expiry.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
This enables you to deposit money, take out loans, and administer simple currency transactions. The investment or donation amount for one applicant is around $130,000 + additional fees and $150,000 + additional fees for two . Citizenship will be hereditary, and there will be an Oath Swearing Ceremony in convenient locations worldwide. Speaking of which, an applicant does not have to know the language before applying.

The regulations governing the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program are guaranteed by the Citizenship by Investment Act of 2017. To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over the age of 18 and meet all application requirements, including a good personality and healthy health. On August 24, 2017, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, in the official Gazette, published that he replaced the DSP.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
One of the most sought-after CBI Programs in the world, the Vanuatu DSP is marketed globally by the Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau in its capacity as a Vanuatu Government appointed, official Program representative. No third-party agent involvement means direct processing and transparency, including lowest permissible fees charges. Vanuatu allows dual citizenship, therefore there is no need to renounce your original citizenship. You can include your spouse, dependent children and parents in your application. As a citizen of Vanuatu, you can travel to 129+ countries visa free which includes the UK, Schengen states, Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia. Vanuatu is a largely undiscovered tropical chain of islands in the South Pacific.

In this stage, you get a Certificate of Vanuatu’s Citizenship and a Vanuatu passport. Within ten days of the pre-application process, an applicant can get the certified confirmation from the Vanuatu government Financial Intelligence Unit for further proceeding. After receiving the pre-approval, make a complete payment and do further documentation work. Vanuatu citizenship is the most desirable option for all those looking for dual Citizenship and who want relief from the tax burden.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
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