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An applicant, or anyone included in an application, must not have any criminal record, and must be a high standing member of their country and community. The support in the application process and the communication from the consultants of GCI was excellent all the time. We are an authorized agent for the citizenship by investment program by the Government of Vanuatu as Representatives and Service Providers.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
The new owners of the bank claim in the suit that Kolomoisky and his associates siphoned away billions of dollars from the bank through sham loans and then laundered the money through investments in the U.S. U.S. prosecutors say he’s long been known for “ruthlessness and even violence” in business dealings, once hiring “armed goons” to take over the offices of a government-owned oil company. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, one associate recalled meeting with Kolomoisky and watching as the oligarch pressed a remote-control switch that dropped crayfish meat to the hungry sharks occupying his office aquarium. And the money isn’t paid by the bankers who should be held accountable, he said — it’s paid by shareholders.

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This makes living in Vanuatu particularly appealing among expats, especially digital entrepreneurs who prefer to own tax-friendly second passports. The program is not open to nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, or Yemen unless the individual has a permanent residence outside such countries and has lived outside of the country for more than five consecutive years. If you have an international business to run which requires a lot of travel, then a Vanuatu passport is worth the investment. The best advantage of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is that a Vanuatu passport grants you visa-free travel to 129 countries including Schengen member states, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. According to the official statistics, thousands of applicants from various backgrounds and nationalities became citizens of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu citizenship may be used as an integral part of tax planning and asset protection strategies. Moreover, a police clearance certificate and due diligence test clearance is a must to avail citizenship. A $500,000 investment in government bonds with a holding period of at least five years.

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We work closely with government units and local agents in various jurisdictions, assuring that we can provide our clients with the best pricing possible while providing a professional and pleasant application experience. Upon completion of your oath, you are finally required to pay your citizenship fee to enable the printing of your Vanuatu Citizenship Certificate. Your application may be returned to you if the required documents are not provided with your application.

This is mainly for those who want visa-free travel to as many countries as possible. Low investment cost – A foreign applicant can invest around 130,000 dollars into the country’s economy and obtain a Vanuatu passport. Corporate, company formation, finance and wealth management services. Enjoy your freedom, mobility, and access to more than 145 countries visa free, including all European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Russia. After the Citizenship Commission approves the application, the Representative receives an Agreement in Principle .

The passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore. A Syrian construction and real estate magnate with sanctions against a number of his businesses appears on the document. Abdul Rahman Khiti purchased Vanuatu citizenship just a few weeks after the US imposed sanctions on a number of his businesses. Despite this, the documents show that as recently as January 2021, Vanuatu was selling passports to individuals with links to fraud or sanctions and others who were sought by police in their home countries.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
This means that an applicant who is based in Santo, for example, can complete his oath in the court in Luganville. However, applicants who live in a foreign country must travel to Vanuatu to complete their oath. Prior to collecting a citizenship application form, you will be advised on whether or not you are eligible to become a Vanuatu citizen.

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After that, you will be ready to undergo fingerprint procedures and transfer your investment to an escrow account (through First, our lawyers will conduct a due diligence check on you to ensure that you are eligible and meet the criteria to apply for the program, and that your application will be approved. We have access to a global network of qualified attorneys and accountants who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances. Turkish staying permit You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Vanuatu. On January 1, 2017, Regulation Order No. 215 and 216 of 2016 came into force which grants, under the Development Support Program, honorary citizenship to foreigners who make certain economic contributions to the Government. Currently, under the Honorary Citizenship Act of Vanuatu, honorary citizenship can be obtained by a donation through the Development Support Program.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
The Vanuatu passport allows you to enter 42 countries visa-free during the Covid-19 pandemic. Citizens of Vanuatu can travel to three other countries after getting an e-visa . The easiest way is to apply for Vanuatu citizenship through the investment program. Oath is necessary from the Vanuatu Government’s Commissioner of Oath. In this Oath, the applicant pledges allegiance to Vanuatu and consequently becomes a full resident of Vanuatu with having all the Vanuatu citizenship rights.

Citizenship Shop is a shopping platform for citizenship and residence by investment schemes. The Vanuatu program is not open for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea or Yemen, unless they have permanent residence outside those countries and have lived outside of those countries for more than 5 years. Vanuatu has a new citizenship by investment scheme launched under Development Support Program established under Citizenship Act . The Honorary Citizenship Development Support Program is launched by the Government of Republic of Vanuatu inMarch 2017. Traveling to and within Europe is very pleasant with the Vanuatu passport.
vanuatu  citizenship by investment
For more information on how to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. Guide Consultants can help and guide you through the entire process of attaining Vanuatu citizenship and passport. It costs around $US150,000 ($200,000) for a single application and more for couples and families. Most of the passports, which allow free access to any EU country, are sold to people from mainland China. With itstourism industry smashed, the Pacific nation last year generated $175 million — 35 per cent of total government revenue — from its “honorary citizenship programs”. A detailed explanation of the steps for applying for citizenship can be found on the Who We Are page under the heading “Processing”.

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First of all, our colleagues at Discus Holdings prepare your files for the preliminary due diligence process and the submission. After the affirmative government decision during the third and fourth week of the process, the applicant pays the donation. Then the successful candidates can swear the oath in Brussels, Hong Kong or of course, Vanuatu.

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