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Besides beautiful deserted beaches, rugged landscapes and unique culture, Vanuatu offers a warm welcome to all visitors. Obtaining permanent residency-through-investment has become a very fast process which can be completed within 3-5 months. Vanuatu second passport holders can connect to over 130 countries visa-free, which includes the UK and all of Europe, Hong King, Singapore and Russia. This Privacy Policy, together with the Terms and conditions posted on our Website, set forth the general rules and policies governing your use of our Website. Depending on your activities when visiting our Website, you may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions. Citizenship from a neutral, peaceful, and independent country provides a safe and secure life for you and your family.
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Passports are valid for ten years and are renewable for the same period. The program is not open to nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, or Yemen unless the individual has a permanent residence outside such countries and has lived outside of the country for more than five consecutive years. If you have an international business to run which requires a lot of travel, then a Vanuatu passport is worth the investment. The best advantage of the Vanuatu Citizenship resident permit turkey by Investment Program is that a Vanuatu passport grants you visa-free travel to 129 countries including Schengen member states, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. At Stanford Knight & Partners, we believe its important you know exactly who you are dealing with. We are experts at conducting business in the region, with specialist areas including digital currency, financial markets, administration, government policy advisory, tourism, property and investment industries.

Documentation Required For Application

PORT VILA, Vanuatu – Foreign investors will not have to wait 10 years to be Vanuatu citizens because now they can buy it just for US$10,000 (Vt963, 567 according to yesterday’s exchange rate). Minister of Internal Affairs Patrick Crowby amended the Immigration Visa Regulation Order No.180 of 2011 on Tuesday, August 13 and introduced the Road Map of the Capital Investment Immigration Plan . Vanuatu’s government has revealed it generated over $US106 million in revenue from citizenship sales last year. A Syrian who purchased a Vanuatu citizenship said it has been revoked by the Pacific country. In January this year the government revealed they had generated over $US106 million US dollars in revenue from citizenship sales.

The final European program is the Austrian citizenship by investment program, which is the most restrictive of all. For applicants who chose to buy real estate, this residence could be included in the €2,000,000 overall investment. law firm istanbul Malta was home to the first European Union-approved citizenship by investment program. Although Grenada’s citizenship by investment program only started in 2013, it has quickly established itself as a serious player in the field.

Investment Options

11 Years of experience in immigration field, specialized in immigration and wealth management planning. Expert in analyzing clients’ situations and provide comprehensive solutions. As an immigration consultant in Globevisa Group,Min has a profound understanding Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD about immigration policy and industrial development trend in various countries. Independently studied overseas for 17 years, in-depth knowledge of various countries’ immigration schemes, specializing in investment, migration and business startups.
vanuatu  citizenship
Rich in sea life, Vanuatu is recognised as one of the best places worldwide for scuba divers, offering incredible reefs and tropical beaches. Vanuatu offers a peaceful and happy way of life with the local population proving chilled, friendly and happy and the cost of real estate and living low. There are no travel requirements during the application process and there are no actual residency requirements for citizenship. Stanford Knight is the official Vanuatu Government Master agent meaning our clients do not pay additional processing fees. It also means you have the advantage of a faster processing time as we ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of your application to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission offices. Taking the oath & acquiring a Vanuatu passport – You need to take an oath to get citizenship.

You have the option to invite a swearing-in commissioner along with the immigration officer to your residence country. The investment or donation amount for one applicant is around $130,000 + additional fees and $150,000 + additional fees for two . Citizenship will be hereditary, and there will be an Oath Swearing Ceremony in convenient locations worldwide. Speaking of which, an applicant does not have to know the language before applying. However, due diligence will be conducted, and every applicant must adhere to the criminal record requirement.

But Mr Kalin and others caution that Vanuatu has a reputation for corruption. As a result, Henley & Partners and others do not deal with the Vanuatu citizenship programme. In a cafe at Hong Kong airport, we met the citizenship agent MJ, a private businessman who helps an increasing number of mainland Chinese obtain a second or even third passport.

Your wife will not be granted citizenship if she does not sign the statement requesting it. However, the final step of the process, the ceremony, requires a physical presence of a Commissioner for Oaths approved by the Citizenship Commission and a Vanuatu passport Officer. Thus, you can either fly to Vanuatu at your own expenses or meet the travelling costs of the Agents to the country of your choice, anywhere in the world.
vanuatu  citizenship
For example, your capital gains, your global income, and the assets that you inherit are NOT taxed in Vanuatu. These are the most widespread reasons why many people seek to acquire a second citizenship and thus a second passport. Becoming a citizen of Vanuatu is a very good option in many respects especially given the fact that the whole process will not take more than eight weeks. Getting a visa is rarely problematic these days but it takes time and it takes money anyway.

As a master agent, our citizenship Fastrack process will take as little as 4 weeks from receiving initial documents. Yes, investors have to give a certificate of their business or the place where they are employed. No, the information about Vanuatu citizens will not be available to the public or any third parties.
vanuatu  citizenship

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