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“Misleading….I was not talking about the citizenship program, I was talking about the new program of current Govt – announced last year – to give citizenships to “stateless” people,” he wrote. “This announcement also will almost certainly result in the European Union cancelling its visa waiver agreement with Vanuatu, under which Vanuatu citizens have visa-free access to all 27 member countries of the EU. “This opens the door for international criminals and persons who have been stripped of their citizenship in other countries for nefarious activities to more easily become citizens of Vanuatu,” Mr Regenvanu told the Pacific Advocate. Vanuatuan citizenship has become a topic of much controversy with its passport scheme that is allowing dodgy individuals to seek refuge in the country.
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Vanuatu has a honorary citizenship program offering passport to investment. The Citizenship by Investment schemes offer instant citizenship against making a donation to Government fund or buying a real estate above certain limit. Prices currently start from $100,000 under donation option or $200,000 for real estate. The “it” is citizenship of a particular country, and it is a more fluid concept than ever before. Go back 50 years, and it was uncommon for countries to allow dual citizenship, but it is now almost universal. Vanuatu has now opened its doors for any foreigner to acquire a dual citizenship.

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If an applicant can provide proof of each of these following requirements, their Vanuatu citizenship desires should be fulfilled. Applicants can include a spouse, children under the age of 31, parents, a grandparent over the age of 55, and an unmarried sister of the main applicant, and/or a husband of any age, and may add godparents after obtaining citizenship. Imperial Citizenship is a leader advisory company focusing in the fastest investor programs to obtain residence and also citizenship in several nations worldwide. Vanuatu – is a country you have probably never heard of in your life. We send passport copies and police clearance records of all applicants for VFIU Clearance.
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I look forward greatly to enhancing our relationship with Thailand for our mutual benefit. Visa-free to Europe, Russia is just one of the perks a Vanuatu citizen enjoys. The Republic of Vanuatu this month is sending a Government delegation to Bangkok to conduct a series of briefings covering Trade, Tourism, and Citizenship by Investment in this South Pacific island nation. Of course, you should first find out if your state makes it hard to get dual citizenship. When you are made a citizen of Vanuatu you also get completely tax-free residence in the country and a passport.

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Vanuatuan citizens also benefit from fast track processing when traveling to Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. With Vanuatu citizenship, you can stay up to 90 days within any Schengen member state without a visa, or up to six months per year in the United Kingdom. The island country provides multiple residences and citizenry strategies to live in a nascent nirvana, pay no income tax and get another passport. To draw overseas investors, the government enacted the legislation and accompanying regulations and changed its law to permit dual citizenship. However, since 2013, Vanuatu has recognized both dual and multiple citizenships since 2014.

Vanuatu has a Citizenship by Investment program that often takes less than two months, making it one of the fastest programs in the world. A one-time donation to the AntiguaNational Development Fund in the minimum sum of USD $100,000 allows you to obtain citizenship. You’ll make a €650,000 non-refundable donation to the Malta national development fund.

It’s known to be one of the fastest second passport and citizenship programs for investors. Upon gaining independence, the largest earning foreign income belongs to offshore financial services. The foreign companies noticed the increased income generated by tourism and are now looking forward to developing tourist destinations. According to their 1980 constitution, all land in Vanuatu cannot be sold to foreigners. However, in the late 20th and early 21st century, the increased foreign interest prompted the government to allow lease of lands. … and is the first and foremost, a beautifully untouched South Pacific nation.

Further amendments to the Citizenship Act was done once in 2013 and twice in 2014. 2015 – Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program , a fast track citizenship by investment scheme was introduced after Cyclone Pam to raise additional fund for recovery activities. Powerful passport from a pacific country offering visa free access to UK, Schengen, Russia etc. If you are a HNWI and would like to discuss your citizenship by investment options, get in touch with Laszlo. He, or someone in his team, will offer a free consulting session where you can explain your objectives. He can help you explore your options such as in the Caribbean, Portugal, Vanuatu, Malta, etc.

By this point, the DSP’s revenues constituted over 30% of the Vanuatu government’s total revenues, arguably making it one of the most successful citizenship by investment programs in the world against its stated objectives. No, applications can not be made directly with the Vanuatu Government. In order to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship, you have to work with an officially appointed DSP representative – typically a law firm headquartered in Vanuatu. We work closely with a highly respected firm that can assist you with your application. When you choose Global Migrate, you choose the Global Citizen lifestyle.
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The procedure is perfectly transparent to the applicant and confidential at the same time. Before the documents are submitted, a small processing fee needs to be paid. The non-returnable donation that acts as the basis for granting citizenship of Vanuatu to a foreign applicant has to be paid only after the application for citizenship has been approved by the authorities of the country. Vanuatu citizenship entitles individuals to reside on the island, and travel to some 125 countries, including Britan, Russia, and nations in the European Union, without a visa.

But others are good for visa-free travel to over 150 countries and include nearly all of the developed nations, ranking these among the highest quality passports in the world. It’s more accurate to refer to many of these programs as granting “citizenship by donation.” In other cases, however, you can get some or most of your money back… and potentially even generate an investment return. You’ll find everything you need to know in this article– whether you are looking for the best, the cheapest, a European or a Caribbean citizenship and passport. Thankyou for the thorough analyis on the Vanuatu’s honorary citizen programs.
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Under the International Banking Act, a financial institution with a minimum paid-in capital of at least USD 500,000 can be established. Subject to the approval of the Reserve Bank, the capital may be held in a foreign financial institution and may be invested in approved financial instruments. Holding a banking license in another reputable jurisdiction may not be required. Due diligence and ancillary documentation requirements are faster than most Citizenship by Investment programmes. Online applications are streamlined and fast-tracked, resulting in reduced processing times of around 45 days.

A Vanuatu passport holder will hardly be apprehended anywhere because of the problems with the travel documents. The passport also provides for an opportunity to stay in any Schengen zone country for ninety days or in Great Britain for six months a year. In all likelihood, soon visa-free access to China will also be granted to Vanuatu citizens. This nation also offers one of the quickest economic citizenship programs in the world, allowing you to obtain your passport quickly and without much hassle. It has a relatively low buy-in as well, at least compared to most other citizenship by investment programs in Europe and the Caribbean.

The Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment application process is both simple and affordable. Investors are required to make a USD150,000 donation into the Development Support Program for a single applicant. Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is an archipelago nation, spread across 82 islands in the south Pacific Ocean.
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It is also one of the fastest ways to an EU passport for those without any family connection. Invest €500,000 in real estate, and you can apply for the Spanish Golden Visa. After ten years of residency and proof of basic Spanish, you can apply for citizenship. These include a €1,000,000 purchase of shares or a €1,000,000 bank deposit. The company’s specialists will tell you in detail about the program, calculate the cost for all family members and help collect the required package of documents. After payment to the development fund, Vanuatu will only have to get the long-awaited passport.

Vanuatu also operates as a tax haven, with no income, corporate or wealth tax. Vanuatu Citizenship Programs is ideal for those who wish to obtain a second citizenship and passport, that is ranked 45th in the world. Looking for greater international mobility and an excellent offshore Plan B option for your family?
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Vanuatu is situated in a South Pacific location which is about a 3 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane, almost 3 hours from Auckland, 1.5 hours from Fiji, 1.5 hours from Honiara and 1 hour from New Caledonia. The country has a population of around 307,000, the most ethnically diverse on the planet. The official languages are Bislama which is a type of lingua franca spoken by all as well as English and French. The economy is dominated by tourism however, there is an agricultural industry and just as important is the country’s offshore finance center. There are no income taxes, withholding taxes, capital gains taxes, gift, death, estate, or succession duties applying to companies, trusts, or individuals.

We are TOP Company Formation and are your best choice for a firm to represent you. We know everything about Vanuatu, its laws and regulations, and their application process turkish citizenship for citizenship. Information on how you can contact us appears elsewhere on this website. Give us a call today to learn all that we can do for you regarding Vanuatu.

Immigrant Invest conducts a preliminary Due Diligence check on the applicant. It takes one day and reduces the risk of their citizenship application being rejected to 1%. It also helps us create a complete list of the required documents to minimize the number of additional requests for documents that the citizenship department may make. Together with the investor, turkish citizenship their spouse, children and parents can also be included in the citizenship application. Applicants for Vanuatu citizenship by investment do not need to take exams on knowledge of the country’s language or history, live in Vanuatu or even visit the country. As of March 2021, the fastest passport US citizens can obtain by investment is the Vanuatu Passport.
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