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Of course, there are economical options as well as other very expensive ones for getting second citizenship. These programmes originally come from the Caribbean, whose small island nations want additional sources of revenue. This has been the case in St. Kitts and Nevis, who still have this model with slight modifications, since 1982. One of the big problems with the passport is that, in general, nobody really cares about it until they really need it.

It’s a bit more low key, and is used mostly by Chinese citizens and Middle Easterners. In terms of travel freedom, this passport gives you access to the EU, the UK, Russia, and many other countries visa free. Marketed by agencies as one of the fastest, cheapest and most lax “golden passport” schemes anywhere in the world, the development support programme grants unfettered, visa-free access to 130 countries including the UK and EU nations. Your citizenship application can be made fully remotely, thanks to a fully digitized process. Furthermore, a Vanuatu commissioner can visit you for the purposes of facilitating your citizenship oath ceremony and delivering your passport. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program also known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program launched in 2017.

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Also, to directly raise funds to support the future development of the country. Being a Vanuatu Citizen, you are allowed to travel 125+ countries without any visa restrictions. However, this second passport will allow citizens and their families to move freely to many countries like Russia, the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Vanuatu CBI Program has many advantages but the 30 days fastest processing route is one of the reasons why it is becoming an investor’s priority.

Please note Portugal grants Permanent residence permits valid for 5 years for 500k euro and above investments, all investments below this will receive Temporary residence permits valid for one or two years with extensions. GV scheme offers path to become portuguese citizen after 5 years, while maintaining all investments plus passing A2 language test and no criminal record. turkish citizenship Another route apply for residency investing just EUR 250,000 in real estate or business and then naturalize for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years. Cambodia is probably the only Asian country that has a citizenship by investment program. Cyprus passport is one the best travel documents highly respected in the world with visa free travel to 174 world countries in 2020.

Montenegro Kept The Tax Advantages And Became Eu Whitelisted!

These are risk free investments, fully guaranteed and returned by the SL Govt after the 5 year holding period. A family of 5 can apply for $250,000 covid bonds only increasing the holding period. Second Citizenship by investment in different countries across the EU is feasible to obtain with the assistance of our legal and EU specialist consultants. There are different investment options available within various countries from the United Kingdom to Bulgaria and our consultants know each country you are planning to shift over.
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The extra costs for receiving permanent residency are $10,000 for one person and $12,00 for family. All applicants for Vanuatu’s citizenship must pass the due diligence checks conducted by the FIU unit of Vanuatu’s government. Without this being passed, the citizenship application won’t be approved. This is one of the first significant steps during the application process. This is because Vanuatu endeavors to ensure that only right-standing individuals are accepted as citizens. To get Vanuatu citizenship, you must make a non-refundable contribution — also known as a donation — to Vanuatu’s local development fund.

And we Justin Gwele are an agent appointed by the Vanuatu government to reach out to interested people. WCCP is a leading residence and citizenship via investment consultancy offering a range of professional services to support our clients needs. The Vanuatu DSP Citizenship-by-Investment Programme requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into law firm the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family. If you acquire Vanuatu citizenship in the frameworks of the citizenship-by-investment program, you can renounce citizenship of the country and return your passport to the authorities at any time you wish. As you can see, the process of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship is simple indeed.

When the agreed investment amount is received, the Citizenship Commission issues a certificate of naturalization and submits a request for a passport to the passport office. The Citizenship Commission sends a notice of approval of the application. The investor fulfills the investment condition by paying the outstanding 75% work permit turkey of their contribution within 90 days. When the approval from the FIU is received, Immigrant Invest’s lawyers begin to prepare the remaining documents for participation in the program. The investor provides their personal and financial documents, and the lawyers make certified copies and fill out the necessary forms.

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The cheapest legal passport can be obtained in the island country of the Comoros, in the Indian Ocean. However, the passport of this impoverished developing Muslim country only offers you visa-free entry to about 37 countries. Crowby consequently alluded the potential for mutual benefit to be derived from implementing plans to attract foreign capital investment in exchange for the right to be granted residence and/or citizenship. This was gazetted as, “Immigration Visa Regulation Order No.115 of 2013” under the Immigration Act No.17 of 2010 on August 14, 2013.

If you work abroad and make millions each year, paying a little over $100,000 for a citizenship by investment program could make a lot of sense. So if you are a very high-income earner and want to drastically lower your taxes, citizenship by investment could certainly make financial sense for you. In some countries, you don’t even need to actually spend any time in the country to become eligible to apply for a second passport. After a few years of residency abroad (and assuming you meet all the country’s other requirements), you can apply for citizenship and a second passport. Whether citizenship by investment is the right option for you depends on many factors.

Immigration lawyer in Vanuatu also provides expansion support in Vanuatu to Companies and Corporate for immigration of team, mainly, for residency in Port Vila and work permit in Port Vila relocating to Vanuatu. You can either use our personalized real estate services for Vanuatu or also use free services. Again, Vanuatu has approved dual and multiple citizenships since 2013, so you will not be asked to renounce your current nationality or disturb about the renewal of your passport.
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Once the certificate is printed it will be signed by the Chairman of the Commission and one member. We will be provided a copy of the certificate and we will use it to apply for the client passport. Once we confirm that all the documents are in order, we will provide you an invoice with banking details for National Bank of Vanuatu USD call account. In the application form there is a checklist of the documents which the client needs to provide .

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