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Taking a naturalization test is one step in the process for gaining US citizenship. Additionally, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a basic command of the English language. He must also be willing to declare loyalty to the United States at the time of naturalization.
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Speaking — Your ability to speak English is determined by your answers to questions normally asked by USCIS officers during the naturalization eligibility interview on Form N-400. In these situations, we highly recommended that you consult with an immigration lawyer before attending the naturalization interview. People can initiate the process of going through naturalization and attaining the status of U.S. citizenship can do so by submitting one of the necessary items of documentation to the administering authority of the U.S. The most relevant items of documentation in this regard is Form N-400. The current body of judicial interpretation within the jurisdiction of the U.S. allows for any child born within the country’s borders to accordingly realize the benefits provided for through birthright U.S. citizenship.

The Largest Mass Deportation In American History

The debate over voting rights, in particular, is complex and covers both external and internal voting (expanding the franchise to resident non-citizens). Theorists with sympathies to the social membership thesis or to the stakeholder conception of citizenship usually consider that long-term residence in a country should be the basis for the allocation of democratic rights. The argument may cover not only migrants who qualify for permanent resident status, but also those who have entered illegally in the country as well as temporary migrants, in particular ‘guest workers’ who are often denied any access to citizenship . On this view, safety from deportation and the entitlement to the state’s protection when abroad is what distinguishes citizens from resident noncitizens. Citizenship rights are understood as extra-territorial (“they follow the citizen rather than the territory”) while voting rights are best understood as territorial . If you renounce your U.S. citizenship and do not already possess a foreign nationality, you may be rendered stateless and, thus, lack the protection of any government.
usa citizenship
You must get 58 or more of these test questions correct in order to pass. We only assist clients who can invest atleast USD 100,000 or more for citizenship and residence by investment programs. Family members upto third generation receive full citizenship or residence permits under CBI/RBI schemes. Please consider the effects of renouncing U.S. citizenship, described above, before taking this serious and irrevocable action.

Us Citizenship: How To Become An American Citizen

If you’re republishing online, you must link to the URL of this story on, include all of the links from our story, including our newsletter sign up language and link, and use our PixelPing tag. “It’s an honor and a privilege to call you a fellow citizen of the United States of America,” Obama told us. My paperwork was in order, my background check was complete. When the interview was over, Saint Louis pressed a large wooden seal into a red ink pad and stamped “approved” across my application.
usa citizenship
It saves you time by providing those documents at the beginning of the process. Gather those materials before completing and filing your application. As part of the application process, USCIS will conduct security checks, which include obtaining your biometrics. If you have had a valid green card for at least five years; have been the spouse of a US citizen for at least three years; have served in the U.S. military; or are the child of a U.S. citizen, then you may be eligible for citizenship. Some applicants must have a green card on the day of their citizenship interview. Besides checking for eligibility, a potential US citizen has to fulfill a step-by-step process to acquire US citizenship.

Answer questions written in plain English , while avoiding omissions that can cause rejection. There is now a large part of me that feels like I should wait until our President-elect is out of office before I apply to become a citizen. But I think it’s more important that I work hard to become an American so I can participate in the next election. I currently hold a Canadian passport, and I am working on becoming an Overseas Citizen of India . I would never relinquish my Canadian passport, a decision I made long before Canadian citizenship became a hot commodity.

Additionally, US immigration may prevent an individual from entering the country if they have committed a “crime of moral turpitude,” which essentially means a crime that is universally reprehensible and morally wrong. Therefore, the only way to truly guarantee your right to permanently live and work in the US is to become a US citizen. Although some of these denials and revocations are for perfectly legitimate reasons, such as committing a crime, others have lost their green cards for less consequential issues, such as clerical errors.

Usa Visa Guide

The rules governing citizenship vary from country to country and it will be important to understand the specific rules of the countries where the individual may qualify as a citizen. You are not turkish citizenship by investment considered a US citizen and until you take this oath. In addition to requiring your loyalty, this oath also requires you to possibly bear arms for the US and to give up any hereditary titles.
usa citizenship
Many of these countries have no residence requirements, meaning, you don’t actually have to go to the country and live there to qualify for citizenship. US citizens, including dual nationals, can use an American passport to enter and leave the United States whenever they choose. Dual nationals may also be required by the respective nation to use their passport to enter and leave that country too.

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Once the applicant has verified his eligibility, he can complete and file a naturalization application. This form is available from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. The application must be accompanied by a check for processing and fingerprinting fees. After your application form has been processed, you will be instructed to appear at your local USCIS office or other specified location for electronic fingerprinting. Those who have a Green Card do not have to become citizens of the United States in order to live permanently in the U.S., since a permanent Green Card gives the right to a lifetime stay in America.
usa citizenship
If you stayed abroad for one year or longer, you would not be able to submit further documentation to support your petition. Once you are back in the U.S., you will have to wait before you can reapply for citizenship. You may also be eligible for a Returning Resident Visa if you have spent more than two years outside the U.S. for reasons that are beyond your control. One of the requirements for U.S. citizenship is to prove your “continuous presence”, meaning at least five years of residence as a Green Card holder. Remember that you will officially be a U.S. citizen only after you have taken your Oath of Allegiance.

Secondary schools ideally teach the basics of citizenship and create “informed and responsible citizens” who are “skilled in the arts of effective deliberation and action.” Similarly, the United States considers holders of a foreign passport to have a substantial contact with the country that issued the passport, which may preclude security clearance. Military participation is not currently required in the United States, but a policy of turkish citizenship by investment conscription of men has been in place at various times in American history, most recently during the Vietnam War. Johns Hopkins University political scientist Benjamin Ginsberg writes, “The professional military has limited the need for citizen soldiers”. Many federal government jobs require applicants to have United States citizenship. United States citizens can apply for federal employment within a government agency or department.

If this date does not suit you, you can reschedule your appointment. The U.S. Citizenship application process consists of several steps. To avoid further delays or mistakes, it is advisable to follow the guidance of an immigration expert through every stage of it. Since this is one of the most significant steps in your immigration path, it is not something to be taken lightly. Depending on how you obtained your Green Card, your citizenship process may differ. Get in touch with our professional immigration attorneys to learn more about your options to become a U.S. citizen.
usa citizenship
You should take care to ensure that anything in your background will not disqualify you from obtaining your green card should you decide to apply. If you have concerns, we highly recommend that you speak to a US immigration lawyer who can provide you with more detailed guidance. The US sets a high standard for all potential green card holders, so aside from the fees and procedures, there are also general qualifications you must demonstrate to obtain US permanent residency. All residence hopefuls will need to pay a fee of $1,225 to submit their application.

Africa Regional Services is a branch office of AF/PDPA located in Paris that supports AF posts’ public diplomacy activities. It provides materials and resources in French, as well as products and services to all of Africa, Haiti. The Information Resource Center of the Embassy of the United States in France aims to serve those who need research, reference and documentation services on U.S. foreign and domestic policies. With 10,000 U.S. passports expected to be dumped this year and another 23% of American expats – about 2 million people – saying they are “seriously considering” renouncing citizenship, unbecoming American is starting to sound as American as apple pie. One of the sailors I researched for my book, James L. Cathcart, regularly changed national allegiances to improve his fortunes.

Lastly, the citizenship awareness and education campaign will be strengthened to include multilingual learning materials, increasing the outreach to targeted areas or groups . Proof of your U.S. citizen parent’s physical presence in the United States. Proof could consist of school transcripts, college transcripts, military service records, or employment records etc. You must bring photocopies of all documents pertaining to your parent’s physical presence in addition to the actual documents. Find information about transmitting citizenship – for children born abroad to U.S. citizen parents, non-U.S. I’d highly recommend M/s USAFIS Organization for the provision of consulting services, Legal guidance and valuable assistance throughout the diversity visa program.

It will return the application materials to the foreign national and refrain from entering their receipt in its records. If you have a strong reason for becoming a U.S. citizen as soon as possible, you may want to find a way to pay the fee rather than risking a delay. Some Federal agencies , and some types of positions are exempt from competitive civil service hiring requirements.

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