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Turkish Citizenship By Investment 2021

Getting Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Following investment process, identity cards and passports are delivered within 1 week including the children under the 18 years and the spouse of the foreign investor in Turkey. Also, you will have a passport recognized by the whole world because Turkey is a member of NATO and G20. So, Turkey stands out as an important factor for developing your plans with its economic collaborations and global power. One of the most important privileges of Turkish Citizenship by investment to real estate is the Turkish passport. You can travel to 114 countries without a visa with a Turkish passport which is one of the most powerful passports in the world.

And folks can will se information on a postcard immediately versus attending to open an envelope. These attorneys have the required experience and data and can help the investors perceive the finer particulars of the law. We’ll assign an experienced lawyer to give you a dedicated immigration consultancy session for helping with your citizenship application process.

The Power Of Turkish Passport

In terms of national security and public order, the Ministry rejects the requests of those with a condition to constitute an obstacle. The procedures for applying for exceptional citizenship and gaining resident permit turkey shall be carried out by the Ministry of Interior. The person should not be in a position to endanger national security and public order. Carrying the required conditions does not provide an absolute right for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. In this article, we will look closely at how to become a Turkish citizen. Foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens but do not know how to become Turkish citizens can learn all the conditions in this article.
turkish citizenship
However, you cannot get citizenship if both your father and mother are not Turkish citizens. Also, if a mother and father are successful in their citizenship applications, this is extended to the children. To add, those who had lost their can be re-naturalized depending on some conditions. Many of the countries allow Turkish citizens to stay 30 to 90 days without any visa requirement, and also some countries grant visas upon arrival or issue Electronic Visa (e-Visa) upon online application.

Purchase A Real Estate Valued At Least 250,000 Usd

The country’s current-account deficit stood at nearly $34 billion in 2016. To understand how the Turkish CBI program came to be, we need to understand what sort of situation the country found itself in four years ago. If you are going to invest in Turkey and get its passport, it would only be wise to carefully monitor the political and socio-economic developments there. Its rich culture and stunning landscapes drew over 50 million people to its beaches and cities in 2019. But tourism isn’t its only thriving industry as Turkey is a newly industrialized country producing everything from televisions to home appliances.

There are some steps you need to follow carefully to invest on unmovable real estates. It will take for a few months at most to complete all processes and paperwork to make yourself and your loved ones a citizen of Turkish Republic. Maiden & Associates is the South African market pioneer when it comes to Turkish residency and citizenship through investment solutions. Client intake numbers are limited annually, so contact us now for a free Turkish work permit consultation to avoid disappointment. Head of the Real Estate Investment Partnership Association Feyzullah Yetkin is on record as saying that with the first reciprocity rule in 2012, the country had achieved an increase in property sales to foreigners of $4.6 billion per year. Arab nationals, in particular have been buying properties in Turkey with a view to hedge the risks of geographical instability in their native jurisdictions.

Make Citizenship Application

Alternatively investors can invest in financial assets (again min. 500,000 USD) of a Turkish bank and vow to not withdraw these funds for three years. For the investor’s stake in another company the acquisition value has to amount to a minimum of 500,000 USD. Business investment means either establishing a new company or buying a share of an existing company in Turkey.

All the documents are processed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, and an approval from the Security Service is required. The overall procedure takes from 1,5 to 3 months in total, however, any possible mistake or non-compliance with the requirements may extend the red tape considerably. It is advisable to have a real estate agent and attorney with experience to walk in the previous stages in order to avoid any Mistake. You are eligible to bring your spouse and children who are below the age of 18 with you. In such cases, you will be the primary applicant and they will be your dependents. To pursue a profession that provides a suitable source of income, while holding a work permit from a licensed Turkish company, throughout his stay in Turkey.

As long as you can show your profession is a valid contribution towards the Turkish economy, art or sports scene, or fields of education and science or technology, you are eligible to apply. The Turquoise card scheme will also appeal to people looking to relocate their family to the country because it covers spouses and dependents. Mainly appealing to foreigners who want citizenship so they can legally work, they do not receive the right to vote or stand for office as a fully-fledged citizen does, but can still opt into the social security system and enjoy other benefits. Turkey also gives citizenship to highly qualified investors if they buy property worth 1 million USD, retain 3 million dollars in Turkish banks, or create 100 jobs.

This Agreement guarantees that the investor’s property will not be confiscated, except in exceptional cases where the investor’s property may be confiscated in the public interest after going through the legal process. Given the country’s infrastructure and economic growth, it is possible to profit by investing in Turkey. The purpose of investing is not only to get Turkish citizenship by investment but also to make a profit.

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