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St Maarten Visa & Passport Requirements 2021

Grenada Citizenship Program

There are many more citizenship by investment programs both in the Caribbean and around the world that might be more suitable for your personal situation. Covid-19 relief bonds are another way to gain citizenship by investment in St. Lucia. And by the way, you can apply for St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment from the comfort of your own home.

In 2006, only had visa free access to just 63 destinations. That number jumped more than the double in 15 years of time. Applicants must also pay all required due diligence and processing fees.


Snorkeling was fun and they give you the mask/flippers for free to keep the whole time. Also recommend the Sunset Cruise, couples massage, nature walk. It takes up a whole morning though and the drive is kind of rough. However, it was nice to get off the resort at least once and they take you to some solid spots.

A compliance check and due diligence background check will be conducted. Upon completion, the Citizenship By Investment Unit St Lucia will send a recommendation to the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Board who will assess the recommendation law firm istanbul and make a board decision. In the event that the application is approved, the qualifying investment must be made by the application. Upon the investment and proof of said investment, a Certificate of Citizenship is granted.

Travel Advisory Levels

USD 125,000 property investment in Fiji real estate through a business enterprise. No requirement to visit or live in St Kitts required during the application process. Malta offers an option to buy property either through Golden visa residency scheme . Portugal, Greece and Spain are the most popular real estate investment programs. There are over 20 countries in the world offer an easy path to citizenship through property investment either directly or indirectly . The bigger the investment amount, the easier becomes getting citizenship.
st lucia passport
Find out more about the program benefits, or contact us now for a free consultation. Although getting a Saint Lucia passport is not a complicated ordeal, you have to make sure to meet all the requirements. IVisa Photos cannot help you with the application process. We can, however, assist you with getting the necessary passport photos you have to submit along with all the documentation at the issuing authority. So, instead of going to a photo studio, you can take your picture at home, and iVisa Photos will turn it into a government-compliant passport photo. Looking to obtain a second passport by investment in 2020 from Nigeria, Kenya or further afield?

Many US citizens can get confused about the travel requirements for different Caribbean islands, and often ask whether a passport is necessary to enter the country. Some islands, like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, are territories and do not require anything more than a state-issued driver’s license for entry . Others may require you to present a passport and even a visa.
st lucia passport
So our potential issue looks to be only with St. Lucian customs directly. With the power of the American passport declining and more travel restrictions in place for American citizens than others, the thought of gaining residency somewhere (anywhere!) else can be tempting. In fact, a recent YouGov study reveals that a third of Americans are interested in moving to Canada if the election doesn’t go their way.

Option 1The fastest and cheapest dual citizenship option is a non-refundable donation to the St Lucia National Economic Fund , which goes towards financing local development projects. For a single applicant, a donation of $100,000 is required, while for a couple, the donation is $140,000 and for a family of four, just $150,000. The latter has been reduced by $40,000 during Covid-19 only though government and processing fees of $17,500 are extra. Any additional qualifying dependents will cost $25,000, or $15,000 if going for the family of four option and admin fees equal $30,000. USPHow Saint Lucia stands out from the crowd with its citizenship by investment program is via the offer of a COVID-19 Relief Bond . Applicants can add dependents to the application for the exact same price, though number of years will increase with each add-on.

The investment in secondary education stands at 27.9 % of the national budget on education. Investment in government bonds of the total amount of USD 250,000 , for 5-7 years. St Lucia citizenship by donation is just another way of saying St Lucia CBI. It basically means acquiring second nationality in St Lucia in exchange for a qualifying investment. St Lucia citizenship starts from $100,000 for a single applicant, for a donation to the National Economic Fund, plus a $7500 due diligence fee and $2000 administration fee. Your Authorised Agent will walk you through all the necessary paperwork and requirements for a successful citizenship application.

Visa Required

As with the other investment options for St Lucia, additional due diligence and service fees apply. The government of Saint Lucia has launched a new crown epidemic relief bond with a valid period extended to December 31, 2021. Need to hold for 5-7 years, and pay 30,000 US dollars in government management fees, as well as regular due diligence fees and passport fees. Affected by the epidemic, this year’s investment citizenship ranking has also changed.

If you wish to stay longer, you must apply and pay for an extension of stay through the St Lucia Immigration Department. You do not need a visa to visit the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. Their territory can be entered for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This rule applies to both Greece and other Schengen countries.

Visa Free Countries

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George“At present we’re using the vaccine card. We have noted a lot of persons have falsified that vaccine card. We are working with Digi Gov to finalize the electronic passport so from turkish citizenship the 23 of August the electronic passport will be available. There’ll be an application process through a website to have persons get their electronic passport which will be more difficult to falsify,” Belmar-George explained.

That number is on the same page as your photo and full name, and is usually located in the top right corner of your passport. Evaluate travel environments worldwide or benchmark categories to measure the performance of your channels and brand portfolios. Compare yourself to the competition and find new country and channel opportunities. Size your potential customer base by type and country, in both B2B and B2C channels, helping you build a stronger long-term business development strategy. Pinpoint which client sectors are expanding and declining and identify where to target next. Every market has a unique economy which requires analysis and knowledge.

Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions and do not accept compensation to review products. All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Currently, there are no restrictions as it relates to currency on entering or exiting Saint Lucia.

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