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However, it is unclear, for example, how imposing criminal liability and sanctions on an RAI system directly would “punish,” “deter,” or “rehabilitate” the system itself. And if the objective is instead to deter or penalize those responsible for the RAI system, that could arguably equally be achieved through legal mechanisms that do not require new forms of legal personality to be created. In Singapore, certain offences can be satisfied when a person is criminally negligent. However, even if some existing Singapore negligence-based offences in the Penal Code could be used for RAI systems, other type of harms might not fall within the existing framework.
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We have vast experience in, and are able to handle both contentious and non-contentious probate and administration matters. Within our M&A practice, we serve both international corporations who wish to acquire operations in Asia, and local companies who are looking to expand their operations internationally or invest in foreign entities. Our criminal law team will help you to understand your rights, turkish citizenship by investment advise you every step of the way, and be there when no one else will. When things are going great, there’s obviously no need to worry, but in a fast-paced economy like Singapore and South East Asia, anything can happen at any given time, so it’s best to be prepared. For example, a small oversight in a sales agreement with a large client could potentially cost your company millions of dollars.

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We pride ourselves on being able to think out of the box and devise strategies efficiently to meet the needs of our clients. Represented China-based entities and high net-worth individuals in Singapore court proceedings and international arbitrations. Company and shareholders disputes, disputes involving fiduciaries’ duties, contractual and tortious disputes and civil litigation. Experienced counsel in ad-hoc and institutional arbitration in legal hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong and London. List of notable or famous lawyers from Singapore, with bios and photos, including the top lawyers born in Singapore and even some popular lawyers who immigrated to Singapore.
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The Academy has also republished cases decided since Singapore’s full independence in 1965 in special volumes of the SLR, and is currently working on a reissue of this body of case law. Cases published in the SLR as well as unreported judgements of the Supreme Court and Subordinate Courts are available on-line from a fee-based service called LawNet, which is also managed by the Academy. Outside Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, they are available online from another fee-based service called Justis. PKWA Law’s divorce lawyers have also won another landmarkCourt of Appeal case involving the new Singapore law on the division of matrimonial assets.

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At GJC Law, we fight to defend the rights of our clients, and have built our reputation by providing sensible & practical advice, as well as perseverance and experience to achieve our goals. Please visit our website for more information on the types of law practice entities and lawyer registrations. A law practice entity – Please submit an application to update its licence via LSRA e-Services. Click here for a list of lawyers currently in practice, admission numbers and admission year. Please note this is not a complete list as the listings are paid by advertising.
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Singapore is a party to the Hague Convention for International Abduction. If the country to which the children were abducted is a member of the Hague Convention, then the children will be stopped by the airport authorities to enter the foreign country and they will be returned to the home country. If the country is not a member of the Hague Convention, you must file an urgent application seeking an order to produce the children under the Guardianship of Infants Act. Your spouse may file for dissolution of the marriage on the above grounds. Our CSR initiative focuses on the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and the facilitation of their re-integration into society.

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Read hundreds of articles and expert interviews covering Asia property taxes, foreign ownership rules, projects & much more. Fill in the form to get connected with a real estate agent in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand or other countries. Fill in this form to get in touch with one of our real estate partners in Asia.
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There are many people who have come up with their original work only to be taken by other people without the knowledge of the owner. In fact there are some cases where somebody else takes the original property of someone else and claim that it is his/hers. Under such situation, it will be very necessary to have a reputable lawyer who can fight for the owner of the property. We provide updates on legal developments in Singapore by way of our monthly newsletter “Notes from the Bar” that may be of interest to our clientele. We recognise that clients require solutions to their legal problems that are workable, cost-effective and delivered in timely fashion. Full gamut of disputes arising from sale and purchase agreements, trade finance and carriage of goods.

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The valuable lessons learned and undying passion to make things work in a more systematic, ethical, faster and cheaper way gradually turned into the motivation for the founding of LegallySmart – an online conveyancing legal service platform. Our goal is to provide the general public a cost-effective and efficient access point to legal knowledge from highly experienced lawyers, which would have otherwise required a consultation fee to obtain. Your initial consultation with our criminal law firm is free, providing the opportunity for us to demonstrate our curated and bespoke level of legal service in Singapore. First, you need to scope your issue to narrow down your selection of lawyers and law firms to consult with. If you have a tax problem, consulting with a criminal lawyer is not the right thing to do because the criminal lawyer does not have enough knowledge to help you with your problem. So please keep that into your account that each issue has tons of details, clauses, and sessions, and one cannot memorize them all.
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However, despite the difficult situation for many young Singaporean lawyers, there are reasons for optimism. The establishment of the Singapore International Commercial Court earlier this year has created new job opportunities. This new body, together with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and the Singapore International Mediation Centre , have promoted the growth of the legal services sector. This, in turn, supports the internationalisation and export of Singapore law.

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Located in business centers across the globe, the lawyers of Latham & Watkins come from all regions of the world to practice within its fully integrated, one-firm structure. I wanted to say thank you for your helping to resolve my case quickly, I was completely dazzled by yourself and teams by your communication skills and courage before and after the court hearing. Thank you again for always informing me of the best option to take in resolving my problems. On the civil front, Rafidah is experienced dealing with work permit turkey various types of commercial and contractual disputes, ranging from bankruptcy and insolvency, debt recovery to tenancy disputes. Besides these, Rafidah also regularly advises on other personal legal matters such as drafting of Wills (including Syariah-compliant Wills), Probate and Administration, Lasting Power of Attorney and applications under the Mental Capacity Act and Criminal Defence. The lawyer you engage can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your case and, therefore, the rest of your life.

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