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Many people who apply for residency at small island police stations may find that they receive their permits in a matter of days, not weeks. The Citizen’s Service Office can provide additional information on how to get a Greek residence permit. To get a residence permit via the hospitality route, your Greek partner/relative needs to go to the police appointment with you and fill out a form.
Portugal residence permit
Permanent residence guarantees personal security, economic and political stability and low crime rate. A residence permit may be granted for a period of 1 to 5 years, and may be extended. Spain and Portugal, for example, offer a residence permit when you invest in a property starting from €500,000; Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece when the figure runs to €300,000.

Declare On The Honor His Seniority Of Residence At The Desired Address

This means showing income or savings and having qualifying health insurance. The COVID-19 pandemic has, above all, brought instability and uncertainty to both the economy and our social lives. More than ever, people are reconsidering the future, and looking at golden visas as a road to safety and security. As of January 2022, it will no longer be an option to invest in real estate in main cities and coastal areas for residential purposes. Residential property investment will only qualify investors for a golden visa in inland areas of mainland Portugal and the islands (€500,000 minimum, or €350,000 plus refurbishment).

It is enough to live here for 7 days in the first year, and in the next two years – 14 days. In this article, we will talk about all methods of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal, focusing on more detail on investment – in this case, the investor becomes the owner of the so-called Golden Visa. We provide a one-stop shop for all your needs in connection with your relocation to Portugal, including your residence permit, tax affairs, settling-in support.

What Is The Golden Visa Portugal

The Portuguese Golden Visa for non-EU investors grants access to the entire Schengen Area. Acquisition of real estate with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros. Furthermore, the definition of “retirement” in terms of the NHR is loose. Should you have any business interests elsewhere in the world, you’ll still be able to keep these alive and running while you maintain your residency in Portugal.
Portugal residence permit
These include Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Like many other EU countries, Portugal has a two-tier immigration and visa system. Rules depend on whether you are an EU/EFTA citizen or third country national. Retiring in Portugal is also a way to get Portuguese residency if you’re at that stage of life.

The criminal record must be issued in the country of origin, in accordance with local regulations. To be granted the D7 Visa, it will be necessary to present some information and documents at the Consulate. Among the documents, proof of the passive income is one of the most important . In short, the initial procedure for obtaining a visa usually takes place at the Consulate of Portugal, located in the applicant’s law firm istanbul country of residence. To obtain green visas investors will have to invest in non-intensive organic agriculture and projects that strengthen and actively contribute to the implementation of the Portuguese roadmap to neutralize the carbon footprint. They will also be able to make investments focused on energy consumption from renewable sources and finance projects that ensure high energy efficiency standards.
Portugal residence permit
The investments may be made in any location within Portuguese national territory and must be kept for a minimum of five years. An investment may only be replaced by a new investment of the same investment type and the replaced investment should only be disposed of once the new investment has been made. The formation of a single-member private limited company creating at least 10 sustainable employment positions based in Portugal. Innveso Consulting has perfected the process of securing residence permits. We bring the experience you need to help you navigate this process easily.

With a Golden Visa, you can travel visa-free across the European Schengen countries. You should also note that you need to provide a bank statement covering the last six months. This means that you need to provide additional documentation and attend a personal interview. If you cannot attend SEF on the determined day and time, or if you want to delay your appointment, you can request a new date via phone. You should also note that this is only possible when entering Portugal through the D7 Visa, and not with a tourist visa.

Certificate or valid document from any country in which you have stayed more than 1 year. A valid certificate that is issued by the relevant authority within three months and translated into Portuguese language. You need to attach all the electronic copies of the required documents for Portugal golden visa . If you get a real estate purchase within a minimum amount of EUR 350,000 for the redesigning of property more than 30+ years, either in an area of urban regeneration which include the cost of renovations etc.

The “Golden Visa” programme for Portugal has been in place since October 2012 and was launched to attract foreign investments into the country. Citizens of non-EU countries may use this programme to obtain residency by investment for Portugal. In the case investing in real estate, this may take between 1-3 months to complete a property purchase. How to Get Portugal Residence Permit | A Complete Guide | International individuals who wish to work and stay for longer than 90 days in Portugal may apply for a Portugal residence permit.

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