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95% of our clients choose these options because they are the most economically viable for achieving their goals. Our firm has over 30 years of experience in the field and we offer a free consultation. With your support, they’re able to give this luscious red extra love from the vine all the way to your bottle, loading every drop with its signature depth and lavish complexity. However, the most common visa for U.S. and Canadian citizens looking to live in Portugal is the Type 1 visa. After obtaining a visa and work permit, the employee may travel to Portugal to begin working. They’ll need to get their Residency Card from the SEF, receive a tax code from their branch of the Director-General of Taxes (Direcçaõ-Geral dos Impostos), and register with Social Security.

Increasingly though, people are opting to rehabilitate old buildings at the value of €280K, or are investing in funds to the value of €350K, and as such, can get a Portuguese passport after six years. Once all the required paperwork is submitted, the passport processing time usually takes five business days. In urgent cases, and at the request of the applicant, the passport processing time can be fast-tracked to two working days, for an additional fee.

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Obtaining the “Portuguese passport” gives you access to the EU citizenship rights, which includes the freedom of movement & access to the free market. We offer the full Portugal relocation support for you & your family & assist with the step by step process to obtain Portugal residence and passport. Schedule an appointment for Portugal golden visa application at a local branch of the SEF. You need to attach all the electronic copies of the required documents for Portugal golden visa . If you get a real estate purchase within a minimum amount of EUR 350,000 for the redesigning of property more than 30+ years, either in an area of urban regeneration which include the cost of renovations etc.

An applicant must not leave Portugal for more than 183 days a year, which is a crucial prerequisite for citizenship by naturalisation. It is also required to prove knowledge of Portuguese at the basic A2 level and financial independence. If you have an idea, a great and innovative one, and you want to bring it to life in Portugal, the D2 Visa is the right one for you because it also lets you live in the country. This option also applies to startups’ opening, even though it is not the most indicated nowadays. If you are coming to work for someone for a one-year maximum, then you have to apply for a Temporary Stay Visa. But, if you know you are being employed for a longer period of time, then it is best to apply for a Residency Visa, but you need to follow all of the requirements.

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Most applications end up costing much more, depending on the type of documents and translations required. Since 2015, there have been more than 62,000 applications for Portuguese naturalization, with 16,750 applicants granted citizenship, said Rothwell. The first step of the application is to prove Sephardi Jewish heritage, using family trees, birth and death records, photos of tombstones in cemeteries, and wedding registries. This includes pension income and income from international sources. However, as mentioned earlier, the Portuguese government has taken steps to make the country a welcoming place for expatriates.

At present, Denmark and Iceland do not issue identity cards that are valid as travel documents in the EEA member states and Switzerland. Strictly speaking, it is not necessary for an EEA or Swiss citizen to possess a valid national identity card or passport to enter the EEA and Switzerland. In theory, if an EEA or Swiss citizen can prove their nationality by any other means (e.g. by presenting an expired national identity card or passport, or a citizenship certificate), they must be permitted to enter the EEA and Switzerland. An EEA or Swiss citizen who is unable to demonstrate their nationality satisfactorily must, nonetheless, be given ‘every reasonable opportunity’ to obtain the necessary documents or to have them delivered within a reasonable period of time.

Amyra Parque has partnered with leading immigration specialists Passport to Portugal to design unique residency solutions for those looking to establish residency in Portugal. Without a valid or updated PIC you cannot renew your passport. A change of name or martial status must be up to date on the PIC before it can be Turkish work permit included in the new passport. Expect a passport renewal to take up to two months if you need a new or updated PIC. Bring your current passport and your Portuguese Identification Card with you. “Passports may be renewed six months within date of expiration,” according to the Embassy of Portugal to the United States.

You may also apply for citizenship after 6 years of residency . Expired Portuguese document validity was extended until December 31, 2021. This extended validity period applies to Portuguese-issued, citizen cards (cartão de cidadão), residency documents and visa permits, etc. for lawful stays or residency in Portugal. The main applicant is allowed to participate in the investment program with his/her spouse, and children.

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We recommend contacting your embassy or consulate as they can provide you with a passport renewal. You will need this either way in order Turkish resident permit to stay in the country and also when you return home. The short answer is “no,” at least not if you’re traveling out of the country.
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The Golden Visa in Portugal is open to both the investor and his or her family members, and it offers excellent business prospects, travel, education, and a comfortable lifestyle in a safe country. €280,000 — special projects that reduce the investment and allows an investor to obtain a residence permit for €280,000. The ability to get permanent residence and citizenship in 5 years. We’re an English speaking law office, located in Portugal. Our service is best described as full service Portugal law office. It Provides clients with a professional service of the highest calibre, combining technical excellence with commercial awareness and a practical, constructive approach to legal issues.

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Real estate investments are the most common capital contributing strategy for securing a residency permit in Portugal. In 2019, this choice was favoured by over 93 percent of international investors over other Golden Visa alternatives. Getting Portugal citizenship by investment with the help of the Portugal Golden Visa will take several months to process.

For example if you have a business to look after in UAE, you might like to stay in UAE for most of the time but want to visit or live in Portugal anytime you want, without applying for visa. We also take care of property rentals, when you are out of the country. We work with developers of many real estate projects in Portugal . A spouse of a Portuguese citizen must not be a civil servant to a foreign state when the documents for citizenship are submitted. The investor unlocks the route to immigration by obtaining a residence permit for one year that may be further extended provided no divestment from real estate is made. However, the investor may sell real estate without losing the resident’s status after living for as little as five years in Portugal and obtaining permanent residence.

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If you are already in the process, I’d recommend being on the safe side and finalizing your investment as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are still thinking about starting the Golden Visa process, I’d say it’s still okay to start making an investment, although you should hurry. For the investment fund route, you should probably aim to have everything finalized by September just to be on the safe side. If you are unsure if you will be able to complete everything in time, it’s probably best to consider making an investment with a company like Mercan, who will buy back your investment in case your application is denied.
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All visa applications and processes are carried out by SEF, Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, so get acquainted with them as you will need to contact them for all purposes related to your temporary or permanent residence permits. As of 2019, you can apply for visas online via their electronic platform, and schedule appointments to handle processes for residence permits. After six years of successful legal residence in Portugal the non-EU nationals and the dependents are eligible to apply for the “Portuguese citizenship” by naturalisation and also get an EU passport. Below are listed requirements for “Portugues citizenship”. Certificate or valid document from any country in which you have stayed more than 1 year.

To right a wrong, Portugal is offering citizenship to the ancestors of those who had to leave Spain and Portugal. Spain had a similar scheme, but has since closed it down. It’s possible that Portugal may do the same thing in the future. If you have a Portuguese parent, you may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship.
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It’s also worth thinking about the A2 language requirement. In practice, this is very achievable and you should have no problem obtaining this in 5 years. The pass mark is also only 55%, which most people should be able to obtain.
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There’s a reduced option where you can buy a property of at least 350,000 euros in an urban rehabilitation area or 280,000 euro in a low-density urban rehabilitation area. Negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival 72h before boarding, or Rapid Antigen Test – 48h before boarding, or a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate. Please see the instructions above if visa is needed and apply. Valid national passport with at least 6 month remaining validity after the date of departure.
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This country allows USDA Accredited Veterinarians to use USDA’s online Veterinary Export Health Certification System to complete health certificates. The incentive for investment differs among nationalities. “For Chinese and Russian buyers, it’s about freedom to travel and access to education. For turkish citizenship Europeans, the key driver is the tax incentives, though no one will admit it. “The agenda of the BJP in Goa is to liquidate Portuguese passport holders from the electoral rolls, so that they have a majority. Most of the Portuguese passport holders are not BJP voters,” D”Mello told reporters.

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