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In addition, they’ll have access to a booming commercial environment and technology sector, with over 1,300 of the world’s biggest multinational companies being headquartered in Ireland. Some of these companies include Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn, to name but a few. The process takes only 60 days to complete, and even stateless individuals can apply. You must have been recruited to the company outside the UK, and must be empowered to make business decisions on behalf of the company’s new UK branch. Yes, as at 5 June 2020, the spouse of a UK Overseas Business Representative Visa is legally allowed to work in the UK. We can assist your spouse with her work permit application as part of our inclusive program application fee.
Hong Kong citizenship by investment
Because of this, a nation’s passport has become one of the most powerful benefits it can offer in return for each citizen’s contributions to society. As the world has developed and grown ever more interconnected, the state has come to rely on passports to control who has the right to enter and leave the country. Citizenship by investment will not automatically change your tax situation, but if you want to create a tax-free lifestyle, this is a good first law firm turkey step. These days, second passports have leapt out of the pages of fictional spy stories and are increasingly showing up in the pockets of successful businessman, investors, and otherwise regular, but globally minded folk. First, our lawyers will conduct a due diligence check on you to ensure that you are eligible and meet the criteria to apply for the program. You also get access to investment opportunities in Malta and throughout the EU region.

Procedures And Time Frame Of The Turkey Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment programme is the fastest and most straightforward second citizenship programme available on the market. Your second passport can be yours in as little as 6 weeks and you don’t need to travel or reside in the country to get it. This is probably the most convenient programme too because of the highly optimized and friendly documentation requirement. It is also one of the most affordable – the contribution is set in US dollars, for a total amount of USD 130,000 (aprox. EUR 118,000). Only Government approved real estate projects qualify for Dominica citizenship. Land costs in beach front near the shores, cost upward from $200 per square metre.

Person who had faced visa denial from any of the countries to which St. Lucia offers visa-free travel and he/she has not subsequently acquired visa to the same Country. Applicants must submit completed Government application forms for St Lucia Citizenship Program together with supporting documents based on the particulars of both the Principal Applicant and his or her dependents. Contact us today for a personalized list of required documents for you and your family. St. Lucia offers the newest Citizenship by Investment Program in the Caribbean and targets high net worth individuals and their families.

Beyond Residence & Citizenship

The couple obtained Australian citizenship in 2014, according to the magazine. In August the same year, Leong went on a business tour to Sichuan, where she visited a law firm in her capacity as Baker Tilly’s China branch executive director to discuss businesses related to investment immigration to Australia. In as little as two months, you can secure a Vanuatu passport, making the country the only one to offer a fast-track process. Launched in January 2017, the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program offers investors the best option when it comes to increasing global mobility and gaining access to a zero-tax rate country.

The decision to issue Maltese citizenship is made by the state authorities of Malta. It is preceded by an in-depth check of the background of applicants and the legality of the source of their income and investment. After receiving the passport you think that the process is complete and you can now happily live your new life. However, in fact, the main point, assimilation of an EU citizenship, only begins at this point. There are always a number of questions and uncertainties that arise, and I was and am able to get additional qualified advice. We prepare the application and accompany our client in the passport office.

What Does The Maltese Government Get From The Citizenship By Investment Scheme?

Eligibility for the E-2 Visa is determined by the citizenship of an E-2 Treaty Country Grenada is an E-2 Country and its citizens are eligible for the E-2 Visa, no matter which pathway to citizenship you choose. Citizens of Grenada can travel without visa restrictions to 127 countries, including the United Kingdom, the European Union, and important business hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada is one of very few nations whose citizens can travel to the People’s Republic of China without first obtaining a visa. Grenada offers a fast pathway to citizenship for investors who are able to invest in or donate money to the country. With costs starting from just $150,000 USD and processing times of three months or less,Grenada has one of the fastest and most cost-effective citizenship-by-investment programs in the world.

The country’s authorities make it obligatory for new citizens to visit Antigua hoping that they will love it there and want to stay on the islands for good – or at least spend a considerable amount of time there. Clearly, a foreign national relocating to Antigua will bring more money to the national economy than the one who simply buys the passport. You will Turkish work permit have to make the investment/ donation in the required amount only after the immigration authorities of the country approve your application for citizenship. Saint Lucia offers a 50% discount on the required amount of investment in zero-interest government bonds to those foreign nationals who apply for Saint Lucian citizenship before the end of 2021.

Lawyers For Citizenship

While you can eventually get a second passport out of the deal, it will take at least five years of residence and you must learn some Portuguese and pass through the naturalization process to finally get your citizenship. If you can only get a passportif they like you and you’re from a good country, that’s not citizenship by investment. You may be able to buy real estate in Cambodia or donate €3 million to Austria and get a second passport out of the deal, but these programs are highly subject to political whims and are not available to every willing applicant.

This augurs extremely well for the investor in the real estate option of the Citizenship by Investment Program as the investment attracts excellent returns. The minimum investment that an investor is required to make is shown in the Table below. A property acquired under this Option may be resold after5 years following the grant of citizenship. In some case additional documents may be required, such as a recommendation letter.

Which Is The Fastest Eu Passport Program?

Citizenship and Corporate Services ensures professional services to all our clients. We are fully approved by the Government as Representatives and Service Providers of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program. Our expert team are highly experienced in processing Saint Lucia second passport for varied clients.

As a result, dozens of countries have implemented immigration policy and laws designed to attract wealthy individuals. In today’s mobile global economy, however, many high net worth individuals reside and conduct business at an international level. Consequently, law firm for many of these “global citizens,” investment immigration programs that include a mandatory physical residency requirement are simply not feasible. The first stop to obtaining your Dominica passport by investment is to contact Golden Visas.

The estimated time to receive citizenship approval depends on the due diligence processing time and the specific case. CI professional team will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required by the Government. Once the file is ready for submission, Government Processing Fees, Due Diligence and CI submission invoice are payable. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme commenced in December 2015 following the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14.
Hong Kong citizenship by investment
You need a second passport to give yourself a Plan B, increase your freedom of movement, and create better tax planning opportunities, among other benefits. And many have come and gone within this last decade as well, including the Comoros Islands program that I took advantage of during its short lifespan. I get a lot of questions from people about this program or the other and I have to tell them, “Yeah, that’s a scam!

Now, however, as a BNO passport holder, he is happy to find he has another, much easier, option. The applicant must make the appropriate investment in a government-approved real estate development or through a donation to the National Economic Fund. No physical residence requirements during or after the Saint Lucia Citizenship application process.

The Bulgarian Investor visa is usually granted within 30 business days. There are no requirements of physical residence in Bulgaria or fluency in the Bulgarian language for the family members. Shorter way for spouse to get Bulgarian citizenship – Spouse can apply for Bulgarian citizenship 3 years after the investor was granted Bulgarian citizenship. The required investment amount remains the same as it was for the bonds. Investors in ETFs and AIFs have to invest 512,000 EUR for the ordinary or 1,024,000 EUR for the fast-track. Therefore, any interested clients who wish to obtain a Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship are requested to contact us for reliable assistance on the citizenship process.
Hong Kong citizenship by investment

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