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The turnover of the company has to be SG$ 50 million in the recent year or SG$200 million in the past 3 years. The visa requirements for HK passport holders are shown in a map below. Bulgaria also offers fast track citizenship possible in two years for EUR 1 million investment in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a EU member state but does not participate in schengen area. Please note you have to maintain investment for 2 years, if not citizenship will be revoked. Swiss passport has great world reputation is ranked one of the top 3 travel documents in the world.
Grenada residence permit
Applicants are required to purchase real estate property whose minimum value should be €250,000. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in northern Kosovo as U.S. government employee travel turkish citizenship to North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok, and Zvecan is restricted. Tourist visa online is the world’s leading number 1 travel and visa service agency with almost 200+ countries around the globe being able to access our services.

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Here are some facts on the ‘land of Fado’ — Portugal’s renowned folk music known for its distinctive expressive nature. Launched in 2012 to encourage investment into Portugal, the Golden Visa program has encouraged billions of Euros of investment into real estate. It’s a five year program for non-EU nationals, giving the individual the right to work, study and live in Portugal as well as permitting free movement in Europe’s Schengen area. Through the Golden Visa program thousands of families have successfully relocated to Portugal, allowing them to enjoy a high quality of life and rich culture. Successful applicants and their families can be fast tracked to receive Greek Permanent Resident Cards in less than 30 days. Legislation requires an investment of only Eur250,000 into Greek real estate.

To take advantage of the tax benefit GRP applicants must refrain from staying in any other jurisdiction for more than 182 days and becoming a tax resident in that other country. Even though entry requirements may be different, you will have options to stay in the country for more than 3 months for tourist, business purposes, study or work. Foreign citizens who have a swiss residence permit, are allowed to buy real estate property such as apartment or a home, without the need for prior approvals in Swtizerland. The EU has frequently raised concerns about golden visa programmes. There have been allegations of corruption and issuing residence permits and even granting citizenship to European countries improperly. In some cases, EU citizenship can also be obtained through investment.

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Recently, China has instituted a more open and active embrace of foreign workers, which has led to a substantial increase in work permit applications in the countries. The application process has been streamlined and can mostly be completed online. To obtain a permanent residence in the European Principality of Liechtenstein is very difficult.
Grenada residence permit
Thus, the registration of citizenship of Grenada is an excellent opportunity to get a second passport on attractive terms. These are just one of the many temptations to visit the main three beautiful islands. Diving, sailing, excellent restaurants, clean beaches and unforgettable celebrations all year round are some reasons why many wealthy investors prefer Grenada.

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The visa officer noted that dependent visas are also known as family visit visas (ibid.). This type of visa makes it possible to unite in Kuwait the family of a residence permit holder for employees in the civil sector (ibid. 27 Jan. 2014). Qualified lawyers at Imperial & Legal have been helping clients relocate to and settle in Europe.

Overall our meeting was very helpful and she answered all the doubts we had about getting residence permit in Croatia and the Croatian bureaucracy. This application is for persons who are in Canada on a valid temporary resident permit and wish to apply for permanent residence. Applicants must have lived continuously in Canada as permit holders for a minimum of three to five years before they are eligible to apply for permanent residence. However, they can stay in Armenia for a maximum of 90 days in any given 180-day period . In other words, after staying in Armenia for 90 days an Iranian citizen must leave Armenia and stay outside of Armenia for another 90 days before re-entering the country. A stay longer than 90 days is possible if the Iranian citizen holds a residence permit.

Become eligible for permanent residency by applying for a Business Innovation and Investment visa . The US EB-5 visa is a route to permanent US residency for those looking to make a significant investment in the USA. It’s currently the fastest route to obtain a green card for you and your family. The Irish passport is now the only passport that gives full access to the EU and, with a common travel agreement, allows for permanent residency in the UK.

The governments of the countries offer one or more investment options. Buying securities is a change that was made to the program in 2021. The investment pool is also not limited to the proposed options. The government may supplement Turkish staying permit the investment options or grant a residence permit for investment in other projects. Find out what type of residence permit you need, e.g. in connection with work, studies, family immigration or to stay in Norway as an au pair.

Moldova passport has visa free travel to 121 countries including UK, Europe, Russia etc. Maltese passport offers visa free travel to 160 countries in the world to USA, Canada, United Kingdom etc. Free movement in Schengen states with residence permit (“VERBLIJFSTITEL”) issued by Belgium. Free movement in Schengen with residence permit (“TÍTULO DE RESIDÊNCIA”) issued by Portugal. Tax planning offshore cannot be overlooked when acquiring a second citizenship.

In all cases, the Occupational Permit is valid for 10 years and is renewable, subject to the company having achieved a gross income of at least MUR4 million (approx. USD100,000) annually, as from the third year of registration. Belonged to a terrorist or criminal organization or Committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, or human rights violations If you want to renounce your PR status voluntarily, you will need to submit an application to IRCC. You cannot automatically lose your PR status in Canada nor does it expire. In order for your PR status to be lost, you will need go through an official process.

Pay the Croatia visa fee as per the requirements of the specific consulate/application center. After you complete the first set of questions, you will receive a PIN and serial number. Save them because you may need them to resume your application if you cannot finish it in one sitting. A Croatia transit visa can be issued for a single- or double-entry into Croatian territory, and in some cases, even for multiple entries.
Grenada residence permit

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