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The wording “appoint” in article 9 will be substituted with “employ” in subsequent amendment of the Law. Is Equipped with the necessary, basic, knowledge and the necessary methodological tools to understand and be able to correctly interpret the case-law and legislative texts. While learning to distinguish the admission and influence in the Greek and Cypriot legal system of the European Union law and international law. With a thorough understanding of both UK and Cypriot law, we can provide clear, reliable legal guidance in plain English, giving you the confidence to deal effectively with property in Cyprus. For specific advice on buying Cypriot property tailored to your needs, please get in touch with our friendly, expert Cypriot property lawyers based in the UK.
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We are a “full service” Cyprus lawyer practice, which means we possess in-depth knowledge and specialist experience to fully represent you in each category of legal work we offer. Our multi-disciplinary team of professional services providers ensures that our clients’ needs are not only met but exceeded in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We seek to achieve this by understanding our clients’ needs and implementing the best solutions for their requirements. If you are interested in information about company formation in other countries, such as ItalyorTurkey,you may contact our local lawyers.

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The firm has also represented major US clients in the past in their business dealings in Cyprus whilst presently it is working with the Chicago office of DLA Piper on an important cross border litigation case. The firm is also consistently ranked as a top tier law firm in Cyprus by reputable international law directories such as ‘The Legal 500’ and ‘Chambers’. There is a requirement for lawyers in Cyprus to take out Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover the unlikely event that they make a negligent mistake with their advice.
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We are an established boutique law firm with over 12 years of experience in the industry, focused on servicing our clients by providing specialized solutions according to their business needs. The pivotal premise of our philosophy is to counsel with transparency and momentum, while building long lasting relationships with our clients. Responsiveness and reliance, following a client-oriented approach, are the backbone of staying permit turkey AA PARTNERS service model as we believe that these are key to success in business. Our aim in our work is to focus on staying current with legal trends and propose legal and business consultation to our clients that will help them flourish within the current evolving environment in the most efficient way. N. Pirilides & Associates LLC is a premium, Cyprus-based law firm with a long history and established reputation.

Cyprus Gang Rape: Lawyer For British Woman Dramatically Quits The Case

Dispute Resolution & Litigation Our team of lawyers at Myrianthous have unrivalled success in handling complex dispute issues and litigation, be this cases of a professional, employment or personal nature. International Services Our firm has become renowned for advising individuals and legal entities on cross border litigation including matters related to International Family Law and General Civil Law. Employment Law We assist and advise companies of all sizes and employees on all matters concerning Cyprus employment law, seeking fast and effective resolution to all matters. Shipping & Maritime Law Our firm’s team of maritime and shipping specialists assist shipowners, ship management companies, and other shipping related companies in all related legislative matters.

This Cyprus Law Firm has grown rapidly and is today one of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Cyprus. Our Cyprus Law Firm offer services of high standards to our clients and we satisfy all their legal needs. At DIONYSIOU LEGAL, we are committed to devising new and efficient methods of delivering legal services.

I Have Heard There Are Problems With Buying Property In Cyprus Is That True?

Commonly, commercial litigation is funded by the parties themselves and, most often, the losing party bears the costs of the winning party. There are instances where a party who cannot afford to pay the litigation costs may request the provision of legal assistance from the state. There are no known instances of litigation funding by a disinterested third party or any such regulation. The draft law was prepared by the so-called “Ad Hoc Committee of the Advisory Authority for the Fight against Covert Offences” comprising representatives of the Ministry, MOKAS , the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of Cyprus . Representatives of local accountant and lawyer regulatory bodies (SELK / ICPAC and the Bar Association respectively) as well as the local companies’ registry also participated in the current draft. For over a quarter of a century, the Cyprus Review has been at the forefront of scholarship on Cypriot political, social and economic issues, encouraging research and reflection on social and political sciences pertinent to Cyprus.

The Firm’s strongest areas of practice include Insolvency Law such as Company Liquidations, Receiverships and Bankruptcies, Corporate law and Litigation, Banking and Contract Law, Property Law, Family law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law and Conveyance and Estate Planning . We provide services such as Cyprus Citizenship and Residency and Greek Golden Visa. Preparatory work from the submission of the application and ancillary documentation to the registration of a fully licensed and operating firm.

The Temporary Residence Permit In Cyprus

Limassol based lawyer offers a wide range of services that include property purchase and sale contracts, conveyance, wills and more. Services offered include company registrations, accounting, bookkeeping, nominee services, VAT, tax, audit and social insurance. A.G. Erotocritou LLC acts as your one stop shop for all that is technology and e-commerce related, offering guidance on how to best structure your digital presence to address commercial needs and ensure compliance with e-commerce and turkish citizenship other relevant legal frameworks. A.G. Erotocritou LLC is highly experienced on all matters relating to regulatory compliance of banks, investment firms, asset managers, funds and other market participants, whether dealing on a client or counterparty basis. A.G. Erotocritou LLC recognises the critical importance of respecting and safeguarding our clients’ privacy, and offers advice and workable, sustainable solutions on key issues pertaining to the collection, processing and storage of data.

A sentence of 16 months’ imprisonment was imposed on an individual for a breach of the prohibition on unauthorised access to, and processing of, personal data. The case involved the unauthorised use of credit card information of other persons for the purpose of illegal money withdrawals. The combination of large scale filing systems of two or more public authorities or bodies which include sensitive personal data is subject to a data impact assessment and prior consultation with the Commissioner. The Court, after an application submitted by any of the parties, may request that a foreign Court examine any witness or person residing in the foreign Court’s jurisdiction, and allow the interested party to bring such deposition as evidence to the proceedings in Cyprus. The laws applied for the submission of depositions in Cypriot proceedings are Order 8 of the Civil Procedure Rules and the relevant provisions of the International Criminal Cooperation Law 2001 (23/2001). The newest reforms in the regulatory framework concerning medicinal or life sciences products have helped promote a higher standard of quality and consumer protection.

Understanding the difference between the two procedures may not be important when you have a professional team to assist you. It is however important to note that it is usually quicker to finalise the Estate (the deceased’s assets) when there is a valid Will in place. If the deceased had left behind a valid will then his assets should be dealt with in accordance with his wishes and this process is commonly known as “Probate”. In case the deceased did not leave a law firm istanbul valid will then his assets shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Law which covers such situations and this process is known as “Administration”. The death of a loved one is undeniably one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. When dealing with the emotional stress of loss one also has to deal with the cumbersome but necessary procedures to ensure that the deceased’s possessions and other business is brought to a closure.
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Some of the Legal Services offered by our firm is Cyprus Company Formation and Cyprus International Trusts, two very important services for many international clients. During the years he has successfully represented our law firm in different legal matters. Our law firm is expanding worldwide and we currently cooperate or use as affiliate offices law firms in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic etc. Andreas Danos Cyprus Law Firm – Cyprus Lawyers was founded by Mr Andreas Danos in 1968.

Sick leave The permitted number of sick days and whether they are paid or unpaid is a contractual matter. If there is no provision within the employment contract to the contrary, sick pay is paid by the Social Insurance Department for any period of three days or longer in which an employee is unable to work. Deductions from wages are limited to the extent that allows the employee to maintain themself and their family. When employers opt to pay annual leave directly to employees and provide more beneficial terms, they are exempt from contributing to the Central Holiday Fund.

Law firm with a head office in Nicosia and offering a range of legal services for both corporate and private clients. Offers a range of litigation and corporate services, including civil, criminal, family law, shipping, trusts and property. Andreas has also advised a major Telecommunications conglomerate and has been actively involved in their Head Office relocation and administration to Cyprus.

Estimated to cost more than 350 million euros and providing facilities and services of the highest standard, it can accommodate all types of vessels from sailing yachts to megayachts, ranging in length from 8m to 100m. For professional legal assistance you can contact us to book an appointment or use our online form for your questions, comments and concerns. Our extensive experience covers activities in a wide range of business disciplines throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas. We advise ultra-high-net-worth individuals, venture capital firms and investors in a wide array of matters. Our highly-qualified Litigation & Dispute Resolution team actively pursues all avenues of dispute resolution available in Cyprus.
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