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You must also spend a minimum of 45 days in Anguilla each year and no more than 183 days in another country to apply. Separately, Canada slapped visa requirements on Saint Kitts’ passport holders in 2014, after it said an Iranian entered the country on a diplomatic passport sold by the island state. In Grenada, to gain citizenship, investors can buy a $350,000 stake in a development like Mount Cinnamon, or donate $150,000 to a national transformation fund for the island. Grenada is one of a growing list of countries, including four others in the Caribbean, cashing in on a booming industry that offers citizenship or residency in return for investment as more people look for political and economic safe havens. One of Ricci’s business partners was a South African intelligence officer who helped lead South Africa’s efforts to circumvent international embargoes. Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, Caricom and the Organisation of American States among many other international organisations.
anguilla  citizenship by investment
This depends on individual preferences, family status and other requirements. Apex Capital Partners can offer the best advice on the best Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, depending on the specifications. However, what matters is your choice and hence, we can make it easier for you to get the second passport in this region. Anguilla’s planned residence programs – which the concessionaire expects to work permit turkey open in Q – will include options for lump-sum tax, real estate acquisition, and donations to a government fund. A number of offshore financial centres connected to the UK are British Overseas Territories or Crown Dependencies who do not have the authority to enter into international treaties, such as BITs, in their own right. They need to rely on the British government to extend investment treaties to them.

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It is advisable to work with a seasoned tax professional before setting up an offshore account or business. The only cost for most of these countries is an annual business license fee, with a 0% tax rate. Most of the Caribbean nations boast tax security for business owners and individuals due mainly to their financial privacy laws and low tax implications.

Other European citizenship through investment programs are still open in Cyprus and Malta. The cost of obtaining a US Green Card by investment has increased substantially with the minimum price of the EB-5 program now USD 900,000. The United States Government increased the minimum investment criteria from $500,000 to $900,000 to account for inflation, as the price has not changed since the program was introduced nearly 30 years ago. Our team of professionals helps qualified individuals and families worldwide obtain second citizenship through reputable economic citizenship programs. If you’re not sure if Caribbean citizenship by investment is the right call for you, I may be able to help. In other cases, you may want to invest in real estate to get a second residency that eventually turns into citizenship, or you may want to get citizenship the old fashioned way through naturalization.


He presently owns and manages the Stafford Group of Companies in Anguilla, a provider of trust, corporate, fund and other financial services to international clients. Mr Rogers is also well known for publishing and presenting many papers concerning the Financial Services industry in Anguilla and in general. First-time passports of Antigua and Barbuda issued to economic citizens are only valid for five years. This is to ensure that proper checks are performed on whether the economic citizen has fulfilled the five-day residence requirement and travel requirement to complete the Oath of Allegiance in Antigua and Barbuda. The programme offers immediate permanent residency followed by the option of citizenship post a residency of 7 years. The Spice Island is widely regarded as one of the Caribbean’s friendliest and most beautiful island nations.
anguilla  citizenship by investment
However, this hasn’t been actively marketed to tourists who typically visit for 7 to 14 days and then return to their country of origin. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has been disrupted, and destinations are looking for ways to improve the Caribbean tourism product, entice visitors and make up lost revenue. One idea that has taken off is digital nomad programs targeted at remote workers from key source markets including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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If buying residential property that was previously owned by a successful citizenship applicant, the minimum investment has also increased from EUR 1.5 million to EUR 2 million. If implemented, only real estate purchased in the country’s interior, or on an island, would be eligible under the program. Properties along the coast or in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto would no longer qualify for a Golden Visa.
anguilla  citizenship by investment
How, with the passage of time and the dawn of the digital age, most of us have found peace in working remotely? Not just that, we are all planning our business journeys and moving to foreign countries to work as digital nomads. One – although if the applicant intends to apply for citizenship, Turkish work permit they may not be absent for more than 450 days in a five-year period. No minimum paid-up capital required and appointment of secretary is optional. It can be administered from Anguilla or from any part of the world, and its books and records may be kept outside the country.

Besides, out of these many countries with digital nomad visa, how must you decide which one’s ideal for you? Since you, too, have chosen to plunge into this mode of working, we’ll shower you with all the necessary details about the Digital Nomad visa or what some people refer to as a Remote Work Visa. Whether Turkish staying permit for the luxury of visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 countries, capital gain or the security of a backup plan, Dominica’s Secret Bay is the gold standard for Citizenship by Investment projects across the globe. So, how does one go about choosing an appropriate jurisdiction in which to invest?

Also in the news has been Saker el-Materi, son-in-law of deposed Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who fled to Seychelles after a Tunisian court sentenced him to 16 years in jail on corruption charges. The local offshore industry got a boost in the 1990s with the fall of the Soviet Union. Seychelles, which is on roughly the same time zone as much of Eastern Europe, was a popular choice among those who wanted to quietly move money out of the region, according to Jason Sharman, a political scientist at Australia’s Griffith University. The father of Seychelles’ offshore industry had, in fact, been a financial criminal before he found a home in the islands — and may have been connected to the Italian Mafia, one U.S. ambassador to Seychelles believed.

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